Bob Dylan’s Whiskey Brand Ventures Into Kentucky Bourbon Making

Bob Dylan’s Whiskey Brand Ventures Into Kentucky Bourbon Making

About Heaven’s Door – The Bob Dylan Whiskey Brand

Does the name ‘Bob Dylan’ ring a bell? Of course it does. He’s a major fixture in the music industry, having offered generations his rich blend of folk, rock and country tunes. But did you know that the legendary singer-songwriter also has a whiskey brand? You definitely heard that right. In partnership with Angel’s Envy Bourbon maker, Marc Bushala, Dylan launched a line of spirits in 2018, known as ‘Heaven’s Door’.

Living up to Dylan’s artistic acumen, Heaven’s Door isn’t just a name. It derives from a song title, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” which resonates with the ultimate whiskey experience – enjoying a delightful sip that feels like a taste of heaven. The whiskey label both astounds and invigorates your senses with their creative and astonishing offerings.

Heaven’s Door – A Wild Ride in Bourbon Production

Since its inception, Heaven’s Door has provided a line of American whiskeys that has thrilled whiskey aficionados across the world. The line includes Tennessee Straight Bourbon, Double Barrel Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey finished in cigar barrels from Vosges, France. But there’s a new game in town. The brand is stepping up its game and delving into the realm of Kentucky Bourbon.

A Fresh Twist: Introducing Heaven’s Door Kentucky Bourbon

In a new development, Heaven’s Door announced its plan to begin crafting Kentucky Bourbon. Enthusiasts of whiskey will surely rejoice, as this move brings a new taste to the table. The inspiration, as the brand announced, is the rich whiskey heritage of Kentucky – a U.S state known for its prolific production of Bourbon.

From the rich, clayey soil perfect for growing corn – the principal grain used in bourbon, to the perfect seasonal transitions for maturing bourbon barrels, Kentucky is a natural territory for Bourbon production. Bob Dylan’s Whiskey is tapping into that authentic essence, promising a delightful experience to its consumers.

Expectations from Heaven’s Door Kentucky Bourbon

You may be asking – ‘What difference would Kentucky Bourbon make in my experience?’ Think of this as the whiskey version of Dylan’s evolving music style. It offers a complexity of flavors, a richness of tradition, and a signature smoothness. The production process remains fundamentally the same, with a mash of grains – typically corn, and aging in new charred oak containers. However, it’s the subtle nuances derived from the local Kentucky grain, water, yeast, and the climate-driven maturation process that provide the unique character and flavours.

Dylan’s Touch – The Artwork and Packaging

Bob Dylan’s artistic touch doesn’t end with the music or the whiskey taste. The whiskey packages come adorned with iron gates created by Dylan himself in his Black Buffalo Ironworks Studio. The cast iron medallion on the presentation box, intricate details on the label complement the quality of the spirit inside. This creative blend of music, fine whiskey, and visual artistry promises an immersive sensory experience that will linger in your mind like a Dylan song.


There is no denying that Heaven’s Door has embarked on an exhilarating journey with its entry into Kentucky Bourbon production. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan’s artistry and the whiskey traditions of Kentucky, this new offering promises a beautiful symphony of flavors, invoking a true concert for the senses. The world of whiskey can’t wait to enjoy this newest creation from America’s bard and his artisanal distillery.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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