Colorado Port Cask Finish Bourbon: Old Elk’s Winning Whisky

A Splash of Sophistication: Colorado Port Cask Finish Bourbon

Have you heard the buzz around the hive of whiskey connoisseurs recently? Well, if you haven’t, let me pour you a dram of news that’s sweeter than honey. A certain Colorado-made bourbon is stirring things up, and it’s been coined as one of the “most exciting” by the palate maestros at Whisky Advocate magazine. Now, isn’t that a reason to raise your glass?

The List That Makes or Breaks Spirits… Literally!

Let’s talk about the list that has whisk(e)y fans wagging their tongues with anticipation. Each year, a bunch of whiskey wizards at Whisky Advocate put their noses to the grindstone—or should I say, glasses to their noses—to rank the top 20 whiskeys. They consider the bang for your buck, how easily you can snag a bottle (no cloak-and-dagger stuff here), and quite importantly, the flavor that dances on your tongue. Those scores aren’t handed out by just anyone; we are talking about a covert panel of international judges sipping away blindly to judge each drop on its merits.

Colorado’s Liquid Gold: Old Elk Distillery Strikes It Rich

Out of the cornucopia of spirited contenders, a gem from Fort Collins had the judges’ taste buds singing hymns. I’m talking about the distillery with a clout that speaks volumes—Old Elk Distillery. They pranced onto the list in 2023 with their Port Cask Finish straight bourbon, which prestigiously ranked at No. 15. Let’s not gloss over the impressive score of 94 points—a score that makes grade school report cards green with envy.

The Rocky Mountain Maestros of Malt

When I chatted with master distiller Greg Metze, you could hear the pride in his voice as tangible as if it were the smooth finish of his bourbon. “To be acknowledged for our Port Cask Finish Bourbon, with its high malt bourbon whiskey foundation, is like getting the golden ticket in the whiskey world,” he shared over an email that was practically dripping with pride. He raved about the recognition being an embodiment of innovation—an homage to the ardor and skill of the people at Old Elk.

It’s All in the Finish

Now, what gives this bourbon its standout signature? Imagine taking a robust straight bourbon and then wooing it into a secondary maturation in port wine barrels hailing from Portugal. This isn’t just any sleepover; it’s a 10-month to one-year slumber party that infuses the bourbon with ripe fruit notes, caressing oak whispers, and the decadent harmony of sweet honey aromas.

The wizards at Whisky Advocate couldn’t help but gush over it. Their notes read like a love letter to the bourbon: bursting with spice, fruit, and swirled with red berry compote, cinnamon, and cocoa powder. Fancy a bit of culinary magic? A touch of water brings out even more chocolate and cinnamon vibrancy. And the grand finale? Candied sweetness and an encore of spice that bows gracefully with a splash of water.

Old Elk Port Cask Finish: Elixir of the Centennial State

If you’re wondering how to weave a bit of this Colorado bourbon harmony into your life, all it takes is a brisk walk to your local liquor store, assuming you’re skipping along the Rockies. A bottle retails for the king’s ransom of $90—commensurate with an experience fit for royalty. For those nestled in far-off lands or just snug in your comfort zone, the distillery’s treasure trove is reachable at the click of a mouse on their website.

Think Outside the Bourbon Box

Indulging in the Old Elk Port Cask Finish experience isn’t just about savoring a fine drink; it’s like taking a master class in flavor without the stuffy classroom. Whether swirled in a glass neat or with an ice cube bobbing like a mini iceberg, whether in a plush lounge chair or by a crackling campfire, this bourbon whispers tales of Colorado’s distilling finesse.

Stay Plugged into the Grapevine of Gourmet Gastronomy

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So, there you have it, folks. Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or a curious cat looking to broaden your liquid horizons, the Old Elk Distillery’s Colorado Port Cask Finish Bourbon is beckoning. Now, wouldn’t you want to answer that call?

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about Old Elk’s Colorado Port Cask Finish Bourbon – the combination of their signature whisky with the unique finishing process created a truly exceptional spirit. I can’t wait to try this innovative bourbon from Colorado’s Old Elk distillery, the Port Cask Finish adds a delightful complexity to their already fantastic whisky.

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