Craft Distilleries in Seattle: Innovation in American Whiskey

Craft Distilleries in Seattle: Innovation in American Whiskey
Discover how craft distilleries in Seattle are transforming American whiskey with unique techniques and rich flavors. Explore the rise of American single malts today.

Exploring Craft Distilleries in Seattle

Today is America’s Independence Day, a time when Americans celebrate with barbecues and fireworks. It also presents a great opportunity to delve into the fascinating rise of independent craft distilleries across the United States, particularly those transforming the profile of American whiskey.

The Boom of American Craft Distilleries

In the past two decades, there has been an explosion in the number of small, independent craft distilleries. Growing from around 50 in 2005 to over 2,700 last year, these distilleries are reshaping the American whiskey landscape. In 2022, the US craft spirits category achieved impressive figures, selling more than 14 million 9L cases and generating $7.9 billion in domestic sales, with an annual growth rate of 5.3%.

Challenges Faced by Craft Distilleries in Seattle

However, the rapid expansion hasn’t been entirely smooth. After peaking during the pandemic, domestic demand has declined, and many producers find themselves with large inventories of matured whiskey. Coupled with higher interest rates and inflation, these challenges have caused a cash-flow crunch affecting many producers. Despite these obstacles, some craft distilleries in Seattle have thrived by partnering with major spirits corporations, maintaining their independence and using these partnerships as a sandbox to experiment with new ideas.

Independence and Influence in Craft Distilleries

Fully independent producers, including family-owned companies, still dominate the craft distillery scene. Many of these local distilleries focus on their state of origin but are increasingly expanding their reach, including into the UK market. The Whisky Exchange’s Head Buyer, Dawn Davies, notes that the step up in quality and the range of styles coming from the US is truly exciting.

Brewers-Turned-Distillers Impact on American Single Malts

Westland and Copperworks, two distilleries based in Seattle, Washington, are pioneering American single malts. Interestingly, their production teams come from a brewing background, which significantly influences their whiskey-making process. Typically, when making whiskey, the focus is on speed and alcohol yield rather than taste. However, these distilleries demonstrate that starting with high-quality beer can greatly enhance the final product.

Unique Approaches at Westland

Westland uses a five malt grain bill and slow ferments with a Belgian Saison brewers’ yeast, taking six days to create a fruity and flavorful beer. This unique process contributes to their distinct American single malts.

The Copperworks Method

Copperworks collaborates with local craft breweries to create a “sweet wort” which is then fermented and distilled. Their method includes using brewers’ yeast and cold conditioning the beer for two weeks, resulting in a distinctive and enjoyable whiskey.

Influence of Rye Revivalists on American Whiskey

Pennsylvania has been the cradle of American rye whiskey since the mid-18th century. Rye whiskey, known for being less sweet and more spicy than corn-based bourbons, faced a significant decline post-prohibition but has been experiencing a revival. This revival is not just about old techniques; it’s also about bringing back heritage grains.

Distillery Focus Unique Aspect Location
Westland American Single Malts Five malt grain bill, Belgian Saison yeast Seattle, WA
Copperworks American Single Malts Collaboration with local breweries Seattle, WA
Stoll & Wolfe Rye Whiskey Revival of heritage grains Pennsylvania

The Legacy of Stoll & Wolfe

Stoll & Wolfe, founded in 2016, continues the tradition of Pennsylvania whiskey-making, reviving techniques and heritage grains such as rosen rye. The distillery embodies the legacy of master distiller Dick Stoll, who played a pivotal role in preserving these classic styles.


The landscape of American whiskey is evolving rapidly, thanks in large part to the innovations and traditions upheld by independent craft distilleries in Seattle and beyond. These establishments not only celebrate individuality but also contribute to a richer, more diverse whiskey culture that enthusiasts around the world can appreciate.

Written by Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis has been writing about spirits for over 10 years. He is a frequent speaker at whiskey festivals and events around the country and has been a judge at several international spirit competitions. He is passionate about educating people about the history and culture of whiskey and bourbon and loves to share his knowledge with others.

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