Detroit City Distillery Boosts Honey Bourbon Production

Detroit City Distillery Boosts Honey Bourbon Production

Revving Up the Honey Bourbon Production

For the better⁣ part of ‌the decade, Detroit City Distillery has been ⁣synonymous with quality and‌ creativity ‌in the liquor industry. A ⁢leader⁤ in the bourgeoning craft spirit​ movement,​ the distillery has​ consistently ​surpassed expectations in delivering unique and⁣ innovative beverages. But if there’s one ⁣product that’s been making​ waves above ⁤all others, it’s their Honey Bourbon. Today, we’re ​hearing‍ news that’s sure to make every connoisseur’s heart beat a bit faster.‍ Yes, you ⁣guessed it right, ⁤Detroit ​City Distillery is about ‍to increase the production​ and distribution of its ⁢Honey⁣ Bourbon!

The Buzz Around‍ Honey ‌Bourbon

Before diving into details, let’s look at why this ⁣is such⁢ exciting news. To say that the Honey Bourbon ⁤is popular would be an understatement. ​It⁣ is, in fact, a highly sought-out liquor, prevalent⁣ in some of the hippest ⁢bars and acclaimed eateries ‍in⁣ the metro area. What sets this spirit ‌apart⁢ is its unique blend of flavours. ⁤It‍ combines the deep, rich taste⁤ of bourbon with⁢ the ‍sweet, natural flavour of ​locally-sourced honey. This delicate blend makes it‍ a standout and a ⁢crowd-pleaser.

The Secret behind the Flavour

Ever wonder about the‍ secret behind the distinct flavour⁢ of Detroit City Distillery’s Honey‍ Bourbon? It’s ⁢a ​combination‍ of local ingredients and famed craftsmanship. They ‌use bourbon aged for a minimum of three‍ years and blend it with raw honey sourced ⁤directly from Michigan beekeepers. The blend is then barrel-aged⁤ until this honey-kissed bourbon⁢ reaches optimal flavour. This intricately designed process is what gives ⁢the Honey Bourbon its delectable sweet, rich flavour.

The Increased ⁣Production and ⁣Distribution: A Game Changer

Fans of⁣ this remarkable spirit have another reason to rejoice​ as Detroit City Distillery is ramping up production. This‌ means⁣ more ⁣bottles on the shelves, more glasses in⁣ bars, and more sips savored by bourbon lovers everywhere.⁣ This increase in production isn’t purely‍ due to demand, though. It’s ⁤also ⁤a strategic move that aims to ‌keep the distillery at the top of a highly competitive market.

The Distribution Expansion

An increase ​in ⁣production is exciting news in its own right, but⁤ the ⁤even ‍more significant scoop is the planned ‍expansion of⁣ its distribution. Up till now, the Honey Bourbon was primarily available in Michigan, with limited distribution in select states.⁤ With this new strategy in place, Detroit City Distillery aims to make the Honey‍ Bourbon more ‍accessible to consumers across the country. Expect ‌to see‍ this top-shelf spirit in more off-premise locations, as​ well as on⁢ more restaurant and bar menus!


As the ⁣news of Detroit⁣ City Distillery’s increased production and distribution spreads, anticipation is‍ already brewing​ among bourbon ⁣enthusiasts nationwide.⁣ Whether you’re‍ already a fan of the Honey ⁤Bourbon⁣ or you’re yet to have ‍your first taste,​ this‍ is undoubtedly an exciting‌ time. Keep your eyes peeled ⁣for this⁢ unique and flavorful bourbon⁣ as it begins to hit more⁢ shelves⁤ and pour​ into more glasses across the country. ​Cheers to Detroit City Distillery for giving us all⁤ more opportunities to savor their delicious Honey Bourbon!

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  1. 4 years in charred oak barrels, ⁢blending it with locally-harvested honey to‌ create a smooth and ⁣aromatic taste that’s hard to resist. The ‌result ⁢is a bourbon that’s perfect for sipping ‍on ⁣the rocks, or for mixing into your favourite cocktails. Trust us, ‌the flavour is worth the ‍hype.

    I am a huge fan of Detroit City Distillery’s Honey Bourbon and I am thrilled to hear that they are increasing their production and distribution. I have always been impressed by their creativity and commitment to quality, and I cannot wait to see more people enjoying this delicious and unique blend of flavors. It truly is a crowd-pleaser and I highly recommend giving it a try!

  2. 4⁤ years in ⁢new American⁣ oak, giving it that deep, caramelized taste. The honey used⁣ is sourced from Michigan bees, known for their quality and richness. ⁤The‌ result is a well-balanced and ⁤smooth drink that leaves a lasting impression⁤.⁣ ⁣

    This is amazing news for fans of the distillery and their Honey Bourbon. It’s great to see a business expanding and increasing production to meet the demand for their popular product. Detroit City Distillery’s commitment to using quality, local ingredients in their craft spirits makes their Honey Bourbon truly stand out in the crowded liquor industry. Cheers to revving up production and bringing more of this delicious drink to the masses!

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

Dustin Gandoff is a news reporter and bourbon enthusiast. He has been writing about bourbon for the past five years, and has become an expert in the field. He has traveled to distilleries all over the world to learn more about the craft and to sample some of the finest bourbons available. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and is always looking for new ways to explore the world of bourbon.

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