Indulge in Barbecue, Bourbon, and Jazz: Your Perfect Weekend Guide in …

Indulge in Barbecue, Bourbon, and Jazz: Your Perfect Weekend Guide in …


If you’re a fan of barbecue, bourbon, and jazz music, you’ve probably wondered where you could combine these three loves. Incredibly, there’s one place that perfectly encapsulates these three passions: Simcoe, Ontario. During the summer months of July and August, Simcoe comes alive with various festivities and events that cater to lovers of barbecue, bourbon, and jazz music. This small city provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxed but fun weekend. Here’s how to have an unforgettable weekend of Barbecue, bourbon, and jazz in Simcoe.

I. Barbecue Festivals and Competitions

The essence of any visit to Simcoe is the food, particularly the barbecue. Simcoe is famous for its barbecue festivals where pitmasters from around the globe showcase their skills. Look out for events such as the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show, one of Canada’s top agricultural fairs where grilled cuisine gets center stage.

Sample Local Delicacies

While you’re there, make sure to taste local food offerings. Expand your palate by trying out delicacies such as fresh Norfolk apple pie, smoked steak brisket, and butter tart. Rest your feet and dig into a feast of perfectly roasted meats, complemented by an array of sides and desserts.

Participate or Watch Competitions

If you want to flex your grill-master muscles, these festivals often feature competitions where you can either participate or observe. Watch as the professionals skilfully control the flame and create juicy, delicious barbecue dishes. Immerse yourself in the excitement and savor every bite.

II. Bourbon Tasting

Your culinary adventure doesn’t end with food. The bourbon scene in Simcoe is also something to brag about. There are several distilleries around where you can sign up for a guided tour or tasting experience.

Learn About The Making Process

In Simcoe, bourbon isn’t just a drink – it’s a way of life. At local distilleries, learn about bourbon’s rich history and how it’s made. A guide will walk you through the entire bourbon-making process, from selecting the grains to the intricacies of aging in charred oak barrels.

Tasting Sessions

Of course, the highlight of these tours is tasting the bourbon itself. Sample the rich, robust flavors, and learn to appreciate the subtle notes that different aging processes and distilling techniques bring out. Whether you’re a bourbon novice or a connoisseur, Simcoe’s bourbon tasting experience is sure to satisfy.

III. Jazz Concerts and Festivals

As the sun sets down, the city of Simcoe transforms into a vibrant music hub that hosts a number of jazz concerts and festivals. One of the most famous events in the province, the South Coast Jazz Festival, is held here. The line-up includes local and international artists, promising a night of great music and camaraderie.

Find Your Groove

Being in the audience of a live jazz concert in Simcoe is an experience in itself. You don’t just listen to music; you feel it. The rhythm, the beats, the melody – jazz music is very much alive in Simcoe. Let loose, enjoy the music, and find your groove.

Meet Other Jazz Enthusiasts

These events are not only a great chance to watch talented musicians; they’re also a perfect place to meet other jazz enthusiasts. Engage in interesting conversations, connect, and even make friends. Simcoe’s jazz scene is warm and inclusive, just like the city itself.


From mouth-watering barbecue and soul-warming bourbon to soul-stirring jazz, Simcoe, Ontario is the place to be. It’s not just a city, it’s an experience – a beautiful blend of flavors and sounds that leaves you wanting for more. Simcoe will recharge you, touch your soul, and give you memories that you’ll carry for a lifetime. So pack your bags and head to Simcoe for an unforgettable weekend of barbecue, bourbon, and all that jazz.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

Dustin Gandoff is a news reporter and bourbon enthusiast. He has been writing about bourbon for the past five years, and has become an expert in the field. He has traveled to distilleries all over the world to learn more about the craft and to sample some of the finest bourbons available. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and is always looking for new ways to explore the world of bourbon.

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