Milam & Greene Unveils Bold White-Tailed Buck Bourbon

Discover the Majesty of Milam & Greene: White-Tailed Buck Bourbon Takes a Bow

Greetings, whiskey enthusiasts and curious sippers! BLANCO, Texas, is buzzing with excitement over the latest treasure to grace our glasses – the Milam & Greene White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel Bourbon. As the fifth and final act in the riveting 2023 Wildlife Collection, this cask-strength masterpiece is ready to leap off the stage and into your collection.

Let’s take a moment to fawn over the sheer brilliance of this spirit. Each sip takes you on a journey through the balmy breezes and rugged landscapes of the Texas Hill Country. It’s no surprise that the local wildlife, which flourishes despite the elements, is honored by this limited-edition series. And if you have a thirst for experiencing this bourbon, you’d better be quick – it’s making a one-time-only stage dive exclusively onto the Milam & Greene Whiskey website and into the welcoming arms of the distillery’s tasting room!

The Star of the Show: Cask #518

Showcasing the iconic White-Tailed Buck, a symbol of strength and beauty in the Texas wilds, this single-barrel bourbon steps into the spotlight with unrivaled grace. The white-tailed deer, as adaptable as it is majestic, embodies the spirit of both the region and this exceptional whiskey, which shines with just 259 bottles at a potent 131.2 Proof from cask #518. So, let’s give a round of applause for this outstanding performance in a bottle!

The Masterpiece Unveiled

Our distilling virtuosos, led by none other than CEO and master blender Heather Greene (the ’23 Maestro of Mash herself), have conducted a symphony of flavor. They’ve harmonized climate, craftsmanship, and curiosity to fine-tune barrel aging into a classic yet distinctive profile that will have whiskey aficionados singing their praises.

“The Wildlife Collection, it’s not just a series; it’s an exploration—an odyssey through the varying climates that baptize our barrels with the essence of Texas,” Heather Greene declares with a flourish. “Our White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel release is more than a whiskey; it’s a narrative of dedication, a tale of the Hill Country’s caress.” And who can resist such passion in their tumbler?

The Craft Behind the Cask

Every bottle of Milam & Greene Whiskey is a stage where nature performs, and our distillery manager, Rikk Munroe, is the dedicated stage manager ensuring that each scene unfolds perfectly. “We named this beauty after the white-tailed bucks that you might catch a glimpse of here in Blanco, especially during the winter season. With the deer hunting season, it’s a nod to the local culture and the untamed spirit we cherish,” Munroe muses whilst pruning the neighboring vines.

A Texan Tale of Transformation

Birthed in Tennessee, this bourbon has lived a life of Southern sophistication before stepping into its Texan boots. After hibernating for over six years in Tennessee, this sleeping beauty traveled to Texas for its final maturation act – a year and a smidge—palleted up, like a performer in the wings, on the north side of Rickhouse 2. The result of this pilgrimage? An opulent, rich elixir, bottled at 131.2 proof, swathed in notes of woodland whispers and earthy undertones that could only be choreographed by Mother Nature’s wildest moods.

Flavor Notes: Ode to the Oak

Dive nose-first into an aromatic aria of maple candy, cherry cordial, and brown sugar, with an ensemble of damp earth, oak, and shortbread cookies serenading the senses. The palate follows suit, a robust choir belting out harmonies of dark cherry and cornbread muffin, underscored by the spice of cola and light oak. And the finale? A viscous linger of menthol, gingerbread, and candy corn that deserves a standing ovation – so lush and sublime that the distillery team encourages a splash of water to unlock its full potential.

Spotlight on Sustainability: Wildlife with a Cause

This performance serves a grander purpose, with a portion of the proceeds from each Wildlife Collection bottle benefiting the noble cause of Texas Parks & Wildlife. As fleeting as a white-tailed deer through the meadow, the Milam & Greene White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel Bourbon is a collector’s dream at $149.99, and once it’s gone, it’s a ghost in the hill country haze.

Distillery Dynamics: A Cast of Characters

Milam & Greene is helmed by a seasoned ensemble of whiskey aficionados, from Heather Greene, the visionary CEO and blender, to Marlene Holmes, the master distiller with three decades of distilling dramas under her belt. With awards aplenty, this team distills a narrative of precision, capturing the essence of place and time to craft whiskeys that have critics and connoisseurs alike applauding in their seats.

For those eager for the denouement of this spirited saga, visit our website for the grand revelation. The stage is set, the spotlight dims, and the curtain rises on the ultimate crescendo: your very own bottle of White-Tailed Buck Bourbon from Milam & Greene’s illustrious Wildlife Collection. Cheers!

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The Wildlife Collection

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  1. I absolutely loved this article on Milam & Greene’s unveiling of the bold White-Tailed Buck Bourbon. As a fan of whiskey and bourbon, I appreciate the innovation and craftsmanship that the distillery brings to the industry.

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