Milam & Greene’s New Bourbon: A Nod to Texas Wildlife

Celebrating the Majesty of Nature with a Splash of Bourbon

Deep in the heart of BLANCO, TEXAS, where the deer roam and the skies paint a canvas of dynamic weather, the folks at Milam & Greene Whiskey are causing quite the stir. And trust me, it’s not just another run-of-the-mill whiskey buzzy-fuss, we’re talking about a capstone to a series of potently delightful bourbon bonanzas—introducing the White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel Bourbon. It’s the fifth act in the 2023 Wildlife Collection opera, and oh boy, does it sing with flavors as wild as the illustrious creature it’s homaging.

The Whisper of the White-Tailed Deer

The final flourish to this year’s collection is a salute to an emblem of Texan wilderness—the White-Tailed Buck. Famed for its vigor and elegance, this beloved ungulate leaps across the varied terrains of Texas, much like how the White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel Bourbon vaults over the palate with an acrobatic blend of tastes. Now exclusively up for grabs at the distillery and on the Milam & Greene website, you’d want to giddy-up; this bourbon waits for no one when the clock ticks past 3:00 p.m. (CST).

In the Grip of Cask #518

Don’t blink or you might miss it! With merely 259 bottles emerging from cask #518, this cask-strength concoction sits proud at 131.2 Proof. And since we’re laying out numbers, remember, there’s no “I” in “limited edition.” So gather your pals, and prepare to battle the online queues. After all, sipping on such a storied spirit is like toasting to the rugged Texas landscape and its indomitable inhabitants.

Texan Heat and Whiskey: An Intimate Dance

Heather Greene, the CEO and master blender at Milam & Greene—also hailed as the 2023 Master Blender of the Year—knows a thing or two about the pas-de-deux between climate and bourbon. Our distilling team has gone full Sherlock, analyzing the intricacies of whiskey matured elsewhere before letting it sunbathe in Texas. There, they bask in the nuanced notes that emerge from our hill country’s unique atmospheric soirée.

The Storied Journey of a Single Barrel

This is no ordinary bourbon; it’s a traveler, a wanderer. Born in Tennessee with a harmonious blend of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley, it slumbered for over six years before making the pilgrimage to Texas. There, on the northside of the Milam & Greene Rickhouse 2, bottle #518 stood defiant against climate control, aging like a champ for an additional year and sixteen days.

And let’s talk climate theatrics, shall we? The Texas Hill Country aging experience throws some real curveballs. Think triple-digit heat waves, ice storms, droughts—it’s like a season of “Survivor” for whiskey. This dance of extreme temperatures cozies up the bourbon to its wood prison, extracting a pantheon of bold, tannic tunes that give it that unique Milam & Greene sass.

Tickle Your Tastebuds with Every Swirl

Now, let’s wax lyrical about the palate pleasers this whiskey teases. Picture a cavalcade of flavors from lush maple to the luxurious caress of cherry cordials and dark fruity undertones. Think of cornbread comforting your senses, followed by cola’s zippy zing and the rich embrace of oak, like a warm hug from a venerable Texas tree. And don’t forget that luscious, viscous mouthfeel—it’s like a telenovela for your tongue, filled with drama and a long satisfying finish.

A Labor of Love and a Nod to Wildlife

Milam & Greene didn’t just stop at making an exquisite bourbon; they went full-circle by supporting the limited-edition wildlife collection. A tad more precious than your average bottle, yes, but a portion of your spend goes straight to Texas Parks & Wildlife because conservation is just as neat as a well-aged bourbon, isn’t it?

Pioneers of the Whiskey Craft

The art of distillation is no joke, and the Milam & Greene team is a band of magicians, conjuring nectar from grains and barrels. With their proprietary yeast and mash bill tinkering away in both Kentucky and Texas, these alchemists turn copper and charred oak into liquid gold. The result? A spectrum of flavors only possible from such a lavish smorgasbord of casks, fervently collected by these stewards of spirits.

So why not dive into the world of Milam & Greene Whiskey? Connect, click, or waltz into their tasting room. But remember, the clock’s ticking, and once the White-Tailed Buck bolts, it’s as gone as a ghost. Lasso your bottle, kick back, and pour yourself a toast to Texas and its majestic wildlife. Cheers!

Say Howdy to the Perfect Pour

Before you ride off into the sunset, remember our distilling gurus’ wise words: add a dollop of water to your White-Tailed Buck dram. It’s like rain after a Texan summer—refreshing and revealing all the hidden notes in this rich bourbon symphony.

So there you have it, folks—the tale of the White-Tailed Buck Single Barrel Bourbon, a true Texas treasure. Nab your bottle, support the wildlife, and relish in the toast of the town. Until next season’s release, I bid you happy trails and even happier sips.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about Milam & Greene’s new bourbon release and how it pays homage to Texas wildlife. As a fan of whiskey, I appreciated the unique twist and the nod to the brand’s Texas roots.

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