Old Forester 117 Series: A Scotch-Kissed Bourbon Delight

Uncorking the Charm of bourbon-release/” title=”Raise a Glass to Old Forester's Annual Celebratory Bourbon Release”>Old Forester 117 Series Scotch Cask Finish

Picture this: a dram of bourbon so captivating that it sings melodies of Scottish highlands infused with American charisma. That’s the tune of the latest sensation from Old Forester’s repertoire, the Old Forester 117 Series Scotch Cask Finish. This fine spirit isn’t just a bourbon; it’s a bridge linking the lush Gaelic countryside to the heart of Kentucky, promising a velvety waltz on your palate.

A Nod to George Garvin Brown’s Legacy

Whiskey connoisseurs, prepare your snifters! Old Forester’s innovative magic has weaved another tale, this time celebrating the founder’s Gaelic connections. After serenading the oak forests of Speyside, this bourbon teases the senses with whispers of sherry and wine, courtesy of the casks’ melodious past lives. Oh, and it carries a rich 93-proof symphony that’ll make you say “Sláinte” with an American twang.

Speyside Cask Aged: A Symphony in a Glass

There’s more to this bourbon than its transatlantic journey. Imagine smoky char pirouetting with milk chocolate, while spiced fruit tiptoes in the background. On the palate, toffee twirls with cinnamon, and toasted almonds tap dance to create a harmonious flavor crescendo. And the buttery finish? It’s like the bow of a violin gliding over the strings, leaving traces of cocoa and oak to resonate long after the sip.

The Limited-Edition Whiskey Unveiled

Beyond its melodious profile, the Old Forester 117 Series Scotch Cask Finish is an ode to rarity. This limited-edition bottle is the newest member of the 117 parade, and what a debut it is! Since the inaugural High Angels’ Share expression, Old Forester’s 117 staples have turned heads and raised glasses with concoctions that range from single-warehouse symphonies to extra-aged encores.

Avid bourbon buffs, don’t dilly-dally. Come December 12th, this Kentucky gem—it’s Louisville-born and bred—will grace select shelves and the hallowed halls of the Old Forester Distilling Co. With that alluring price tag of $59.99, you might want to camp out the night before. No, seriously!

Why the Scotch Cask Finish is a Must-Try

Okay, here’s the rub. You could stick to your tried-and-true bourbon buddy, or you could adventure into the whimsical woodlands of whiskey wonder. The Scotch Cask Finish isn’t just another bottle to add to the collection. It’s an experience, a story, a hearty handshake between the Old World and the New. And let me tell you, this liquid liaison is one for the history books.

Tasting Notes: A Dish of Delight

  • Smoky Char: Like a campfire serenade under a velvety night sky.
  • Milk Chocolate: A sweet whisper that hugs the soul.
  • Spiced Fruit: Nature’s own medley strumming the heartstrings.
  • Toffee and Cinnamon: A duo that dances a flawless tango on your taste buds.
  • Buttery Finish: An encore that mellows the mind and savors the spirit.

Picture your snifter dressed with this elixir, as the aromas play an overture that’s exclusively crafted. Yes, my friends, it’s a limited edition. Which means? You’ll want to get your hands on this harmony before the curtains close.

Liquid Gold Wrapped in History

Melissa Rift, the master taster and resident whiskey virtuoso, puts it best when she muses on this release being a reflection of the brand’s family saga, a 150-year-old pursuit of whiskey perfection. The Old Forester 117 Series isn’t just a drink; it’s a tribute, an expression of heritage and innovation entwined in a captivating tumbler narrative. So, whether you enjoy it neat, with a splash, or on the rocks, each sip speaks volumes of the legacy of Old Forester.

Embracing the Tastes of Tradition and Transformation

Look, Bourbon has long been the king of American spirits, and Old Forester, reigning from Whiskey Row, has remained a steadfast monarch through ages and trends. With the Scotch Cask Finish, they’ve extended an olive branch across the pond, emerging triumphantly with a concoction that sings in Gaelic but with a decidedly bluegrass accent.

Dive into the Heart of Bourbon Innovation

Old Forester undeniably has a knack for keeping us on our bourbon-loving toes. With each unveil, they prove that the realm of bourbon can stretch infinitely beyond the horizon. So, hats off and glasses up to the Scotch Cask Finish—a spirited testament to the innovation embedded in each amber drop!

What are you waiting for, whiskey wanderers? Establish camaraderie with your local purveyor of fine spirits or schedule a pilgrimage to Louisville. The Old Forester 117 Series Scotch Cask Finish awaits, beckoning with the allure of Speyside and the soul of Kentucky. Don’t miss your chance to toast to innovation, tradition, and the brilliant future of bourbon’s global journey.

Here’s to the mavericks, the dreamers, and the sippers who live for the next exquisite pour. Cheers!

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  1. I absolutely loved this article discussing the Old Forester 117 Series bourbon, especially how it’s described as a scotch-kissed delight with a unique flavor profile. As a fan of both bourbon and scotch, I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of this whiskey.

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