Old Forester 117 Series Unites With Scotch Heritage

A Sojourn Through Scotland: Old Forester 117 Series Scotch Cask Finish Unveiled

Listen up, whiskey aficionados and lovers of tales steeped in the richness of history! Get ready to embark on a liquid adventure with the newest pearl in the Old Forester 117 Series treasure chest – the Scotch Cask Finish. This velvet elixir is a tip of the hat to George Garvin Brown’s Scottish ancestry, a testament to tradition and a masterstroke of maturation splendor. Onward we go, unraveling the layers of this libation sensation!

From the Heart of Speyside with Love

Let’s raise a glass to the treasured lineage that binds the Brown family to the rolling hills of Scotland. With sherry and wine casks handpicked from the bosom of the storied Speyside region, this limited edition whisky captures the essence of Old Forester’s signature fruitiness – a delightful result of fermentation with the distillery’s heirloom yeast strain. Rare and brimming with character, each sip pays tribute to George Garvin Brown’s Gaelic lineage. Oh, and it’s all bottled at a loving 93-proof, because who doesn’t love a tipple that hugs you back?

Concocting Legacy in a Bottle

Old Forester’s Master Taster Melissa Rift spins a yarn of family, tradition, and exceptional distillate craftsmanship. “This release is special to the family history our brand was built on,” she says with a glint of pride in her eye. After 150 years of raising the bar (and the bottles), Old Forester has distilled their founder’s adventurous spirit into this creation, as rich and smooth as tales by the fireside. Melissa suggests savoring it neat, and who are we to argue with such wisdom?

The Innovation Chapter Continues

The Old Forester 117 Series: Scotch Cask Finish marks the continuation of a saga that began in the spring of 2021. Each chapter, an ode to innovation and experimentation, turning the pages to novel experiences for the palate. And the best part? You don’t need to cross the Atlantic to get a taste. The journey begins at the doorstep of the Old Forester Distilling Co. or at a select ensemble of Kentucky stores. Luxuriate in the indulgence without the jet lag!

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors

It’s a wild ride for the senses, folks! The nose greets you with subtle hints of smoky char dancing with milk chocolate and shortbread, all while mulled, spiced fruits play a soft melody in the background. You’ll taste a bounty of baked apples and dried fruits, each bite crowned with toffee’s sweetness, cinnamon’s warmth, and an encore of chocolate – all performing in perfect harmony alongside toasted almonds and a lingering smoky charm. The finish? As silky as a freshly ironed kilt and as buttery as your grandmother’s best shortbread, with cocoa and baking spices that cascade into an earthy, oaky epilogue. Prepare yourself for a round of applause from your taste buds!

Cherishing the Spirit of the Founders

Amidst its fresh evergreen notes and aged wisdom, the Old Forester is Brown-Forman’s flagship brand, a beacon of consistency and purity since 1870. Sealed with a promise by George Garvin Brown himself, it’s a nod to uncompromising quality. In the words of the legend, “There is nothing better in the market.” With such a lofty endorsement, who could resist?

Behind the Scenes at Brown-Forman

Brown-Forman has been enriching life’s tapestry for over 150 years, a craftsman of world-renowned beverage alcohol brands from the hollows of Jack Daniel’s to the ancient casks of GlenDronach. With a battalion of approximately 5,200 dedicated souls, these liquid legends grace the shelves of over 170 countries. A toast to life’s high spirits!

And remember, sip this Kentucky Bourbon with the magnitude of respect it deserves; a nod to George, a wink to the Highlands, and a silent thanksgiving for rich legacies that swirl in our glasses. Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky is the libation of laughter, lore, and the love of good company. So here’s to the memories we’ve yet to make with a glass of Old Forester 117 Series: Scotch Cask Finish in hand. Cheers, to responsibility and revelry entwined!

Essence Nose Palate Finish
Old Forester 117 Series: Scotch Cask Finish Smoky char, chocolaty shortbread, spiced fruits Baked apples, toffee, cinnamon, toasted almonds Silky, cocoa, oaky, earthy

For those eager to be part of whiskey history, this Scotch Cask Finish is your passport to a timeless epic. With only a limited number of bottles released, seize your opportunity to become the custodian of a piece of this precious heritage. After all, aren’t the best stories found within the pages of a well-aged book… or in our case, the depths of a gracefully matured barrel?”

Immerse yourself in the luscious layers of the Old Forester 117 Series: Scotch Cask Finish and forge your own tale—neat, of course, just as Melissa Rift would approve. Now, it’s time I fold my tale to a close, like the final chapter in an enthralling novel. Until we meet again, in the quiet corner of a cozy tavern or across the buzz of a lively bar, may your glass be forever half-full of the golden splendor that is Old Forester.

Curious to dive deeper into the Old Forester or Brown-Forman lore? Steer your ship towards and chart a course through history, innovation, and spirited craftsmanship. Now, to echo the time-honored saying: Please sip responsibly, and may your spirits be as aged, bold, and refined as the whisky in your glass.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about Old Forester’s 117 Series and how it pays homage to Scotch heritage while still staying true to its bourbon roots. The blend of both whiskey traditions in this article was fascinating to learn about!

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