Pursuit United Bourbon 2022: Award-Winning Whiskey Unveiled

A Spirited Journey Awaits: The Newest Pursuit United Bourbon and Rye

Hey there, spirit enthusiasts and whiskey wanderers! Louisville, a city famed for its southern charm and liquid gold, has been buzzing with anticipation. Don’t worry, your palate’s yearning for fine whiskey is about to be satiated. Pursuit United Bourbon Release 2022 has landed, and it’s causing quite the stir in bourbon circles—and beyond!

The Toast of the Town: Award-Winning and Batch-Coded

Imagine a bottle of bourbon or rye as a treasure map, with the X marking the spot in this case being a unique batch code. Pursuit Spirits has not only uncorked a new offering of their Pursuit United Bourbon and Pursuit United Rye, but they’ve also tossed a shiny new batch coding system into the mix, based on die-hard fan feedback. What used to be an enigmatic game of bourbon batch bingo is now straightforward—no more guessing games or mysterious bottle origins! Plus, with this launch comes an expansion of territories, including Ohio and New Mexico—so more whiskey lovers can join the pursuit of flavor.

Not Just Any Whiskey: The Small-Batch Significance

Small-batch whiskey isn’t just a fancy term—it’s a promise of quality, attention to detail, and a harmonious blend of flavors that can turn any skeptic into a devotee. And when we talk about limited quantities, we mean it. With a modest SRP of $65, these bottles are like the unicorns of the whiskey world—elusive and magical.

  • Subtle nuances in flavor profiles
  • Individual attention to every batch
  • A closer connection between distiller and drinker

Behind the Numbers: Decoding the Batch Coding System

The new kid on the block, the batch coding system, is something of a brainchild of Pursuit Spirits, brought to life after a night of bourbon and banter. No more staring blankly at your bottle wondering if it’s from the inaugural batch or a newbie on the block. The code kicks off with the number of the month followed by two cryptic letters representing the year. For instance, 7CC is not a lost motorbike model but the stylish code for July 2022. Nifty, right?

The Rye Revolution: A Corn-Heavy Mashbill

Step aside, traditional 95/5 rye recipes, because Pursuit United Rye is rewriting the narrative. With a corn-forward mashbill, this rye is like the charming rogue of the whiskey world—introducing unexpected twists at every sip with brown sugar sweetness, a cinnamon-infused green apple dance, and a zesty mint, tea, and clove finish. Who knew rebellion could taste so divine?

Did you know? Pursuit United Rye is a beacon for bourbon loyalists looking for a detour into the rye lane, and with no age statement in sight, it’s the ageless wonder of the spirits industry.

United We Stand: The Meticulous Mashbill of Pursuit United Bourbon

Every release of Pursuit United Bourbon is a tale of meticulous craftsmanship, a symphony of grains coordinated to perfection. The latest iteration puts a bit more rye in the mix, endowing each bottle with a heartier dose of spice and an undertow of deep stone fruit flavors. It’s not just any bourbon—it’s a ticket to a sensory journey through fields of grain and spice markets, all from the comfort of your favorite glass.

Crowning Achievement: The Accolades of Pursuit Spirits

Donned in medals and basking in the glow of the spotlight, Pursuit United Bourbon recently snagged the royal title of Best Bourbon at the Spring John Barleycorn Awards. Meanwhile, its brother-in-arms, the Pursuit United Rye, paraded home with double gold from the San Francisco International Spirits Competition. Now, that’s what we call award-winning spirits!

Unlocking the Proof: Pursuit’s Power Duo Bottled at 108

Both Pursuit United Bourbon and Pursuit United Rye swagger into the saloon at a robust 108 proof. It’s a statement—bold yet balanced, commanding yet approachable. These spirits don’t whisper; they start conversations, hosted in select states and online portals, with each bottle a backstage pass to the world of finely tuned whiskey.

Join the Pursuit: The Story of Pursuit Spirits

The brainchild of whiskey aficionados connected by a popular podcast, Bourbon Pursuit, Pursuit Spirits vowed to craft a connection from distillery to drinker that’s steeped in transparency and rich in rarity. With small-batch whiskey triumphs like the Pursuit Series and now the latest blend of the Pursuit United collection, they’re hand-delivering happiness to the high-spirited souls of the world.

Still thirsty for more? Pay a visit to your liquor store, find a cozy spot, and pour yourself some liquid lore with the Pursuit United Bourbon and Rye. Stay tuned on; something tells me that this is just the beginning of something beautiful. Cheers to that!

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  1. I absolutely loved reading about Pursuit United Bourbon 2022! The article did an excellent job of highlighting the award-winning whiskey and the distillery behind it, leaving me eager to try out this newly unveiled whiskey.

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