Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey: Soul of the South

Well, folks, let me tell you a sippin’ story about a whiskey with a soul so rich it’s like an autumn bonfire, crackling with character and history. Gather ’round, and I’ll spin the tale of the bold, smooth, and undeniably Southern – Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey.

The Spirited Arrival of Rattle & Snap

Picture this – the leaves are turning, there’s a nip in the air, and the perfect companion to the season’s embrace is none other than a glass filled with liquid gold. Enter Log Still Distillery, a Kentucky-based firecracker of a distillery that has set the whiskey world ablaze with its latest emboldened spirit, rightfully named Rattle & Snap. This name is no accidental moniker; oh no – it harks back to a bygone Southern pastime where fortunes were made and lost with the shake of the dice. So, what better name for a whiskey that exemplifies taking chances and reaping the rewards?

The Dant Touch – From Kentucky Roots to Tennessee Triumph

Tales of the days of old echo through the barrels and bottling of these remarkable spirits. Wally Dant, the mastermind behind Log Still Distillery, is not just any distiller. He’s a modern-day maverick, a descendent of distilling royalty, and a man whose veins must surely run with a bit of bourbon. With a glint in his eye, Wally says, “Rattle & Snap is for those daring souls who carve their own path.” Indeed, this isn’t just a whiskey—it’s a champion of the bold. Permeated with that unmistakable Kentucky bourbon heritage, yet distinctly a Tennessee whiskey, Rattle & Snap is the renegade child of dual worlds.

The Whiskeys That Whisper ‘More’

Stroll with me further down this flavor-laden path and meet the two jewels of the Rattle & Snap crown—the 4-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey and its older, wiser sibling, the 8-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey. Both hail from the land of smooth sips and toe-tapping music, promising to tickle your taste buds and warm your heart.

Rattle & Snap 4-Year: A Cocktail Crafter’s Delight

Imagine a golden elixir, maturing for four years, until it’s ripe with inviting notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and a symphony of spices that’ll dance a jig on your palate. Let’s not skirt around this – the Rattle & Snap 4-Year is a versatile virtuoso. It’s the kind of whiskey that rolls out the red carpet for cocktail creativity yet stands tall on its own. With an allegro of 47% alcohol by volume – that’s 94 proof, for those humming the tune – it’s the stuff of legends and mixologists’ dreams.

Rattle & Snap 8-Year: A Neat Necessity

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a measure, and savor the serenade of sweet maple, the hum of banana, and the crescendo of cinnamon spice that defines the Rattle & Snap 8-Year. It’s a spirit fit for savoring solo, meant to be nestled in a glass neat or reclining over rocks. Likewise, sitting at 94 proof, it’s as poised and balanced as a high-wire artist, as strong as it is seductive.

Charting the Journey of Log Still Distillery

But, what’s the use of a good tipple if you don’t know where it’s been brewed? Log Still Distillery isn’t just a spot on a map; it’s a pilgrimage destination for bourbon buffs and whiskey wanderers alike. Steeped in legacy, the distillery is nestled on ancestral lands, reinvigorated with modern magic yet retaining an old soul. It’s a place where bourbon is more than a drink – it’s a way of life, and family, faith, community, and, well, more bourbon, flow like the Rolling Fork River.

Creating in the Shadow of Greatness

Every drop from Log Still Distillery pays homage to spirits past, particularly the renowned “old” DSP-47-KY. What’s in a number, you ask? Oh, just the storied heritage of this liquid lineage. And it’s not just the Rattle & Snap line that’s capturing palates; there’s the Monk’s Road warriors of bourbon and gin striding out, boldly marking their territory in your liquor cabinet.

Discover More About Log Still Distillery

Intrigued? Salivating? Want to take a dive into the world of Log Still Distillery’s sippin’ sensations? Carve out a slice of your day to meander through their digital domain at, or keep your sociable thumb scrolling through their social tales at [@logstilldistillery]( Who knows what whiskey-infused wisdom you’ll stumble upon?

Pour out a chair, knock back a glass, and here’s to those who make their own luck. May your spirits be high, your gatherings warm, and your Rattle & Snap always within reach.

Cheers, to good health, good company, and great whiskey!

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  1. I absolutely loved this article on Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey: Soul of the South. The rich history and exceptional craftsmanship of this distillery truly shines through in their Tennessee whiskey.

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