Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse: Kentucky Distilled Legend

Sip the Spirit of Kentucky: Discover Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse

Welcome, whiskey enthusiasts and casual sippers alike! You’ve likely heard tales of Kentucky Bourbon‘s rich heritage and robust flavors, but buckle up as we introduce you to something remarkable—the Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse collection. It’s not just any whiskey. It’s a symphony of taste, a narrative told in notes of oak and hints of vanilla, a celebration of the rich Kentucky Bourbon Terroir steeped in family tradition and dedication. So, pour yourself a glass, get cozy, and prepare for a journey into the heart of Kentucky’s Bourbon country.

A Legacy Poured into Every Glass

Bourbon aficionados, imagine a liquid that encapsulates the soul of its birthplace! The Russell family at Wild Turkey Distilling Co. has been crafting award-winning spirits for generations. And now, they’ve graced the world with the annual Limited Edition Whiskey series, the Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse. Each bottle in this collection is an ode to the unique character imparted by the rickhouse, a majestic building where Bourbon matures to perfection.

The Charm of Camp Nelson C Rickhouse

The inaugural delight, the Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C, is more than just a tipple. It’s history in a bottle—an homage to a bygone era and a now dismantled seven-story haven for Bourbon barrels. Perched atop a hill, the Camp Nelson C rickhouse was once clad in timber and tin, a bastion for Bourbon aging that settled in that sweet Kentucky air.

Unveiling a Bourbon Wonder

Master Distiller Eddie Russell, a sage in the art of whiskey wizardry, selected barrels from this fabled rickhouse to create an elixir so rich in complexity, it would make aficionados weep with joy. The center-cut of Camp Nelson C—where the magic of maturation is amplified—yielded a batch so divine, it was unanimous; this was to be the bourbon that kicked off the Single Rickhouse series.

Eddie Russell: The Bourbon Whisperer

Eddie Russell, with a glint in his eye and over forty years of distilling prowess, reminisces his journey through barrels of aging whiskey. Upon his first sample of Camp Nelson C’s liquid gold, a knowing smile must’ve crossed his face. A “once in a blue moon” whiskey, indeed!

What Makes the Single Rickhouse Delightful?

The Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse isn’t just another Bourbon; it’s a narrative of excellence and expertise. Aged for over a decade and released as a non-chill filtered spirit, it boasts a staggering 112.4 proof. It’s as if the Bourbon itself is proud of its strength and heritage and wants you to experience its boldness in every sip. The flavor journey begins with a welcoming procession of toffee, coconut, and vanilla that effortlessly transitions into a gala of apple, dried fruit, and toasted pecan rounding out with chocolate and baking spices. The finish? A long, ethereal dance of oak and spices that lingers lovingly, imploring you to savor just a little bit longer.

A World of Flavor Awaiting Your Palate

Imagine the tapestry of tastes that await you. A nose of sweet vanilla giving way to caramel cream, followed by the zest of fresh and dried fruits. Waves of brown sugar, oak, and char eventually wash over you, leading to a taste that’s simultaneously rich, complex, and sweet. It’s not merely drinking; it’s embarking on an epicurean expedition—a testament to the Russell family’s vision of what bourbon can and should be.

Join the Russell’s Reserve Family

The Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Collection, weaving into the brand’s lineup of bourbon and rye whiskeys, is a new dawn of innovation. Set to grace shelves in early October and just in time for festive toasts, the 2022 Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C will be cradling a limited run at select U.S. retailers and, of course, at the sacred Wild Turkey Distillery.

Shall We Toast?

Remember, no matter if you’re nestled with family or mingling with friends, sipping Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C is about responsibility and moderation—two critical components of true enjoyment. With the suggested retail price that reflects its rare nature, this bottle is not just a drink; it’s an investment in taste, an artifact of bourbon culture.

About Campari America and the Russells: Crafting Legends

Campari America—the mighty wings beneath the soaring Wild Turkey—marries innovation with tradition. From San Francisco’s urban legends to the hallowed halls of the Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Campari weaves a thread of quality through spirits destined to become classics. They invite you to indulge in their top-tier portfolio but are quick to remind—do so with care, and savor every drop.

There you have it, whiskey lovers. A tour through the storied lands of Kentucky Bourbon with a guide none other than the Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse. Next time you’re pondering over which bourbon to bring home, remember the tale of Camp Nelson C, the Russell legacy, and the remarkable tapestry of tastes that could adorn your glass. It’s not just a drink; it’s a journey—one that beckons with each cork popped and each toast made. To the Russells! To Kentucky! To Bourbon!

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  1. I absolutely loved this article about Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse – it perfectly captured the essence of this legendary Kentucky distilled bourbon. The history and craftsmanship behind Russell’s Reserve is truly remarkable, and this article did an excellent job of showcasing it.

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