Sugarfield Spirits to host 3rd Annual Screw Cancer event: Join us on July 22nd for a night of fun and fundraising!

Sugarfield Spirits to host 3rd Annual Screw Cancer event: Join us on July 22nd for a night of fun and fundraising!

Sugarfield Spirits: Championing the Fight Against Cancer

Located in the heart of Louisiana, Sugarfield Spirits is a premium distillery renowned for its dynamic and carefully crafted spirits. But, it isn’t just exceptional bourbon that Sugarfield Spirits is known for. They’ve also made a name for themselves due to their passionate commitment to philanthropy, particularly when it comes to battling the big C – Cancer.

For the past two years, Sugarfield Spirits has been hosting ‘Screw Cancer’ event, with proceeds aiding crucial cancer research and patient support organizations. This year, they are gearing up to host their 3rd annual Screw Cancer event on July 22nd, promising yet another memorable day of supporting a good cause while enjoying fine spirits.

The Origin of Screw Cancer

When the founders of Sugarfield Spirits agreed to start Screw Cancer, they were fueled by personal losses and a shared desire to make a difference. This leading distillery resolved to use their craft spirits as a tool to raise funds as well as awareness. The first event, held in 2019, was a resounding success, signaling the birth of an annual tradition.

Expectation for this Year’s Screw Cancer Event

This year, the event is packed with countless activities to engage attendees while they contribute to a worthy cause. Alongside savoring Sugarfield Spirits’ exceptional collection of bourbon, gins, and vodka, patrons can enjoy live music, enticing food trucks, and a silent auction. The highlight of the event is a special Screw Cancer cocktail, with its recipe curated exclusively for the occasion.

The Impact of Screw Cancer

The Screw Cancer events over the past two years have raised significant funds that have been donated to numerous cancer research and support groups. The money has been used to fund research projects, provide patient assistance, and empower families affected by cancer. Sugarfield Spirits has demonstrated that businesses can utilize their resources and influence to orchestrate real change.

Ideas for Participation

If you’re a fan of craft spirits and want to throw your weight behind the fight against cancer, participating in the Screw Cancer event is the perfect opportunity. This event is not just for locals, anyone from anywhere can join the fight.

If you’re unable to attend in person, you can still make a contribution by purchasing a virtual ticket or making a donation through their website. Each donation, small or big, can help make a big difference in someone’s life. Lastly, you can help by spreading the word about this fantastic event within your networks to increase support and solidarity.

Sugarfield Spirits continues to Shine

While every batch of spirits produced at Sugarfield Spirits is a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection, their drive to fight cancer demonstrates their heart and commitment to the community. Through events like Screw Cancer, they’re continuing to distill not just premium spirits, but also hope for those battling cancer.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact, mark your calendar for July 22. Join Sugarfield Spirits in saying Screw Cancer!

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