Western Kentucky Distilling Co.: A New Era of Bourbon Brilliance

Unlocking the Spirit of Western Kentucky: A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

Roll out the barrels and break ground on excitement, folks! The Western Kentucky Distilling Co. has splashed onto the scene, and it’s not just another distillery on the block. Nestled in the charming town of Beaver Dam, this all-star venture whispers tales of heritage while stirring the pot of innovation. Can you hear the clinking glasses in mid-2023? That’s the sound of Kentucky’s latest pride and joy, pouring the smoothest bourbon and rye whiskeys straight into your soul.

Sipping on History: The Birth of a Bourbon Behemoth

Picture this: 80 acres of lush, green Kentucky land that once fed farm animals now set to feed our spirits (quite literally!) with premium libations. Welcome to 1880 Old Liberty Church Road, the future home of a distillery echoing with the expertise of none other than Jacob Call, an eighth-generation distilling maverick. Alongside Kentucky native JD Edwards, this dynamic duo plans to craft spirits that’ll make your grandpappy’s moustache twirl with delight.

But wait, there’s more! Imagine 15 warehouses, each echoing with the sound of 50,000 barrels a year finding their rhythm in the aging waltz. That’s right, friends. We’re not talking small potatoes here – this is a 25,000 square foot dance floor where the liquid gold does the two-step to perfection. It’s a 300,000-square-foot cha-cha of future flavor, with a storage band that’s playing for a quarter-million barrels!

From Farm to Flask: The Journey of Jacob and JD

Jake and JD have a not-so-secret recipe: tradition, quality, and a dollop of Kentucky pride. Together, they’re distilling dreams, using techniques handed down like a well-loved family skillet. These guys are putting the ‘art’ in ‘artisanal’, turning locally-grown corn into sips of sunshine dripping with the best that the Bluegrass State offers.

This isn’t just about pouring drinks, dear friends. It’s about pouring job opportunities into the local economy, with an expected crew of 35 happy employees whistling while they work in just two years’ time. Say hello to new neighbors and goodbye to any thoughts of this being anything less than a win for lovely Beaver Dam.

Celebrating Kentucky’s Bourbon Heritage

If bourbon’s history is a river, then Western Kentucky Distilling Co. is the latest vessel sailing its waters. A lingering love affair with rebellion and a sharp turn from Prohibition, the vibrant bourbon tapestry has fewer threads in western Kentucky – that is, until now. This distillery isn’t just opening doors; it’s throwing them wide open, inviting you to savor the rebirth of true Kentucky craftsmanship.

So what’s gracing the future labels of their spirit symphony? Stay tuned for signature brands and a visitor’s center, where you can tip your hat to tradition and get a sneak peek at the next big thing in the bourbon business.

The Tools of the Trade: Equipping Excellence

Any carpenter will tell you that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. The same goes for the whiskey wizards at this Kentucky bourbon distillery. From a shimmering Vendome 36” copper still to the freshest, plumpest corn kernels, these folks are pouring their hearts and local economy support into every drop. Oh, and did someone mention a divine climate for aging? Kentucky’s weather isn’t just good for growing bluegrass, it seems.

Jacob Call: The Heart and Soul behind the Spirits

Step aside, celebs with your vanity liquor brands. Jacob Call, with roots dating back before the invention of the steam engine, is turning family heritage and Kentucky soil into decadent sips of history. Embracing everything from the ground-up, one thing’s clear: if bourbon is Kentucky’s spirit animal, then Jacob’s its spirited whisperer.

Here’s to the Future: Western Kentucky Distilling Co. Makes Its Mark

Ladies and gents, there’s a new kid on the bourbon block, and they’re not playing by the moonshiners’ rulebook. With visions of rye fields and bourbon dreams, the Western Kentucky Distilling Co. is close to rolling out the red carpet. And when they do, they’ll be welcoming us to a world where every glass is a toast to both where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Strap on your high-proof boots, and keep those tasting spoons at the ready. This distillery is the bourbon-soaked symphony we didn’t know we were waiting for. It’s not just barrels and buildings; it’s the Beaver Dam groundbreaking of a legacy.

Mark Your Calendars and Map Your Visit

Though we’re bubbling with anticipation like a perfectly tuned fermenter, patience is a virtue as the mid-2023 opening approaches. Follow the winding roads of anticipation to the Western Kentucky Distilling Co. website, your compass to updates on construction, whiskey whispers, and the day we’ve all been waiting for: opening day.

Here’s to the tastes yet discovered, the jobs soon created, and the decades of distilling savvy that are constructing more than just a distillery—they’re building a beacon for bourbon lovers far and wide. So, raise your glass, tip your hat, and do a jig, because Western Kentucky, you’ve got a new badge of honor to polish—and it’s dripping with the promise of a perfectly aged heritage.

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  1. This article was a fantastic read, shedding light on the new era of bourbon brilliance at Western Kentucky Distilling Co. Their dedication to crafting high-quality whiskey in the heart of Kentucky is truly commendable. I can’t wait to visit their distillery and taste their exceptional bourbon for myself.

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