Woodford Reserve 2019: A Derby Bottle Work of Art

Get Ready for the Race with Woodford Reserve‘s Exquisite Kentucky Derby Bottle

Imagine this: the thunderous cheers of the crowd, the clinking of ice in a glass of fine bourbon, and the exhilarating rush of thoroughbreds racing to the finish line. Ah, there’s nothing quite like the Kentucky Derby, and no Derby celebration is complete without a nod to tradition and finesse—this is where Woodford Reserve gallops onto the scene with its regal 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle. Indulge me, if you will, and let’s trot through a story of art, spirit, and splendor.

The Art of the Race: Keith Anderson‘s Masterpiece

For those who revel in the thrilling blend of sports and culture, Woodford Reserve, the proud presenter of the “greatest two minutes in sports,” has revealed a collectible that’s as much a visual treat as it is a taste bud explosion—their artful 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle. Now, let me introduce you to the man behind the canvas, the unsung hero of our tale, Keith Anderson.

Keith Anderson, a spirited soul whose hands are as comfortable swirling a paintbrush as they are serving drinks at the Bourbon Street Cafe. A Brown-Forman virtuoso, Keith had a prophecy, a dream if you will, that had the highfalutin folks chuckling over their bourbons. He said—mark my words—”One fine day, it’ll be my creations that’ll adorn your bottles!” And sure enough, when they beheld his effervescent racing portraits, they couldn’t help but tip their hats and declare, “This fella, he’s got moxie!”

The Bottle That Celebrates the Derby Spirit

Leading the pack with not just one, but two years of Derby bottle fame, Anderson’s latest artwork captures the vibrant soul of the Derby. Can you feel the hoofbeats? The painting so vivacious, it’s almost as though the horses could break free from the glass confines and leap into the forefront of the race. It’s a symphony of colors that tells a tale of agility, majesty, and Kentucky’s rich equestrian legacy.

Sip and Savor: A Tribute to Bourbon Heritage

And what’s inside the bottle, you ask? Only the finest amber nectar, a bourbon that sings of quality and craftsmanship. Picture this: each sip embodies the very essence of Kentucky—smooth with a hint of fire, just like the Derby itself. With a legacy as rich as the soil in this bluegrass state, Woodford Reserve doesn’t just offer a drink, it offers an experience; a salute to heritage and passion, mixed with the spirit of competition that is the Derby.

From the Cafe to the Collector’s Shelf

Every artist dreams that their work will one day leap from the humble beginnings to the spotlight. For Anderson, what started as congenial jesting with the folks at the Bourbon Street Cafe has now graced the shelves of collectors and enthusiasts alike. There’s a sparkle in the air whenever someone uncorks a bottle, a sense that you’re part of something grander, a legacy in the making.

So, here’s to Keith Anderson, a man whose heart beats in hues, and to Woodford Reserve, who recognized the brilliance of tradition and transformation. Here’s to you, dear reader, may your Derby day be filled with vigor, victory, and a bottle of something truly special. And remember, whether you’re at the tracks or celebrating from Bourbon Street, let the Kentucky Derby Bottle be the artwork that complements the artistry in your glass.

Cheers to the fast horses and the slow sipping of a fine bourbon! To all the collectors, sip and cherish, and to the uninitiated, welcome to the fold. And as we await the trumpet’s call, may your Derby day be filled with the splendor and spectacle that only the combination of these Kentucky gems can provide.

Now, take your glass and raise it high, let’s toast to the Derby, to the races yet to come, and to the artful journey we share with every pour from a Woodford Reserve 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle. And when the horses take their mark, and the crowd holds its breath, remember it’s not just about the race; it’s about savoring the moment, the art, the bourbon—cheers!

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  1. I absolutely loved this article about the Woodford Reserve 2019 Derby Bottle – it truly is a work of art. The way they captured the essence of the Derby in the design of the bottle is truly impressive.

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