“Broken Barrel Americana Whiskey Review Guide”

“Broken Barrel Americana Whiskey Review Guide”
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Broken Barrel Americana Review


Apples – Pie crust – Toasted oak – Butterscotch


Steeped apples – Toasted oak – Plum – Dark caramel


Dark chocolate – Pecan – Charred oak – Medium Length


Here at Breaking Bourbon, we are always on the lookout for well-crafted whiskey. So it was a pleasure to get our hands on Broken Barrel Americana. With its uniqe Oak Bill, that consists of 40% Charred American Oak, 40% Toasted American Oak, and 20% American Apple Brandy Cask – this option fits perfectly into the “craft whiskey” movement.

The nose offers a sweet aroma of apples and a hint of toasted oak. This transcends gracefully into a palate of steeped apples and toasted oak. These are further bolstered with the addition of plum, dark caramel, dark chocolate, pecan, and a charred oak finish. This complexity in the palate is impressive even at its 100 proof.

Broken Barrel continues their quest to prove the validity of stave finishing and Americana is their best proof-of-concept yet. It truly showcases how the use of unique staves can craft a unique whiskey.

“Broken Barrel Americana Whiskey Review Guide”
“Broken Barrel Americana Whiskey Review Guide”
Bottle Info

Classification: Straight Bourbon Finished with Staves

Company: Broken Barrel Whiskey Co.

Distillery: Owensboro Distilling Co.

Release Date: November 2022

Proof: 100

Age: NAS (Aged at least 4 years per TTB regulations)

Mashbill: 80% Corn, 14% Rye, 6% Malted Barley

Color: Gold

MSRP: $35 (2023)

Official Website

Reader Rating9329 Votes

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  1. I highly recommend trying Broken Barrel Americana for those looking for a well-crafted whiskey with a twist. The combination of apple brandy cask and a diverse oak bill creates a flavor profile that is both familiar and new. It’s a testament to the great potential of stave finishing.

    Overall, the Broken Barrel Americana is a well-crafted whiskey with a unique twist. The combination of apple brandy cask and an interesting oak bill creates a complex and satisfying flavor profile. This is a great option for those looking to explore the “craft whiskey” movement and the potential of stave finishing.

  2. “This review of Broken Barrel Americana highlights the impressive craftsmanship and complexity of this unique whiskey. The use of different staves adds depth to the nose and palate, resulting in a satisfying finish. This is a great example of the craft whiskey movement and is definitely worth a try.”

  3. “Broken Barrel Americana is a standout in the world of craft whiskey, showcasing the power of unique stave finishing to create a complex and flavorful bourbon. The nose and palate are packed with delicious notes of apples, toasted oak, and dark caramel, with a lingering finish of charred oak and dark chocolate. A must-try for any whiskey enthusiast.”

  4. The Broken Barrel Americana is an impressive and complex whiskey that truly showcases the craft and validity of stave finishing. The blend of charred and toasted oak, along with apple brandy cask, creates a unique and flavorful experience for the nose, palate, and finish. This is definitely a must-try for any whiskey enthusiast looking for something new and innovative.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor has been writing about bourbon for the past five years and has become an expert in the field. She is passionate about educating people about the history and culture of bourbon and loves to share her knowledge with others. Olivia is also an avid traveler and has visited many of the world's top bourbon distilleries. She is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the American Whiskey Trail. Olivia is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and holds a degree in English Literature. She currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where she enjoys exploring the city's vibrant bourbon culture.

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