A Spirited Conversation: Sipping Bourbon with Mike Baumann

A Spirited Conversation: Sipping Bourbon with Mike Baumann

Introducing Mike Baumann: The Bourbon Connoisseur

If whiskey is the water of life, then bourbon is surely its most vigorous stream, coursing with flavor, history, and American roots. One person who would definitely agree is Mike Baumann, a certified bourbon steward and a man who knows his way around a whiskey barrel like no other.

An ordinary day in Baumann’s life involves swirling a glass of bourbon, examining its beautiful amber liquid, and nosing the enchanting bouquet of flavors. With every sip, he drowns himself in the beautiful orchestra of flavors and fragrances that bourbon has to offer. His chosen mission? To invite more people into the internationally formed bourbon brotherhood, and a shared appreciation for this fine liquor.

How Mike Baumann Fell in Love with Bourbon

Mike’s foray into the world of whiskey was a serendipitous affair, blossoming from a chance encounter during a business trip in Louisville, smack dab in the heart of bourbon country. The rich notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak had him hooked instantly, propelling him on an extraordinary journey as he dived headfirst into the world of bourbon.

Baumann’s enthusiasm did not end with his own enjoyment of the spirit. Instead, it stirred an insatiable thirst to learn more about bourbon’s history, its distillation process, and why it’s lauded as uniquely American.

The Road to Becoming A Certified Bourbon Steward

Armed with passion, Mike embarked on an educational journey to understand the nuances of this celebrated spirit. From participating in spirit-centric conventions to collaborating with distilleries, Mike’s pursuit of knowledge was relentless. He even became a Certified Bourbon Steward, which proves his dedication to the craft.

Arguably, his most notable achievement is the completion of the prestigious Bourbon Certification Program from the Stave & Thief Society. This program demands its graduates to master the knowledge of bourbon’s rich history, detailed distillery operations, and, most importantly, a deep understanding of identifying the complex tasting and aroma characteristics of bourbon.

Mike Baumann: The Bourbon Educator

But what truly sets Mike apart is his knack for sharing his passion and inspiring others to embark on their bourbon journey. He has the unique ability to break down the complexities of bourbon—be it flavor profiles, the distillation process, or the charm of barrel aging—in an approachable and enjoyable way.

The authenticity with which he approaches his tastings is infectious. At the events he hosts, Mike takes whiskey enthusiasts on a sensory journey, amplifying their appreciation for bourbon and its timeless appeal. He is instrumental in creating new bourbon enthusiasts and captivating audiences with immersive and true bourbon experiences.

Mike’s Tips for Bourbon Beginners

According to Mike, the key to enjoying bourbon doesn’t lie in how much you know about it or how sophisticated your palate is. Rather, it’s about exploring your own tastes and learning to appreciate bourbon for what it is—a handcrafted work of liquid art.

His advice for beginners is to start slow, perhaps with lower proof bourbons. A good starting point would be bourbons with a balance of sweet and spicy flavors. Learn to identify basic components like vanilla, oak, caramel, and spices. Over time, your palate will get comfortable with these flavors and will be ready to decipher the more complex ones.

In A Glass With Mike Baumann

While Mike loves all bourbons, he has a particular fondness for the long-aged bourbons. The exquisite amalgamation of richness, depth, complexity, and the narrative that comes along with it is what draws him in.

Taking the grandeur of bourbon drinking one step further, he encourages his followers to pair this divine drink with different types of foods, notably smoked meats and rich desserts; a delightful practice that elevates a regular meal into an exciting gastronomic experience.


With his informed approach and passion-driven initiatives, Mike Baumann is on a mission to make the bourbon community more welcoming and inclusive. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned whiskey drinker, Mike’s infectious passion is bound to inspire you, encouraging you to dive deeper into the exhilarating world of bourbon.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor has been writing about bourbon for the past five years and has become an expert in the field. She is passionate about educating people about the history and culture of bourbon and loves to share her knowledge with others. Olivia is also an avid traveler and has visited many of the world's top bourbon distilleries. She is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the American Whiskey Trail. Olivia is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and holds a degree in English Literature. She currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where she enjoys exploring the city's vibrant bourbon culture.

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