Austin Walkin’ Cane: Blues Journey from Bourbon Street to Muscle Shoals

Austin Walkin’ Cane: Blues Journey from Bourbon Street to Muscle Shoals

A Journey to the Heart of the Blues: Austin Walkin’ Cane

Escaping from the usual comfort of our everyday lives and stepping into the world of Austin Walkin’ Cane is like taking a ride through the deep and seductive history of blues music; travelling from the brightness of Bourbon Street to the gritty allure of Muscle Shoals. There’s something both familiar and grittily real about his music, which conjures images of dusty roads, smokey bars and heart-wrenching tales of love and loss. With a voice as smooth as bourbon and a command of the guitar that rivals the blues legends he idolizes, Austin has been writing his own chapter in the blues story, one heartfelt tune at a time.

The Man behind the Cane

The man who’s come to be known as Austin Walkin’ Cane was christened as Austin Charanghat. He picked up his unique moniker because of a genetic condition that left him needing a cane to walk. But far from being a limitation, the cane became a part of Austin’s larger persona, playing into his music’s raw, live-in-the-moment ideology. Rather than hiding it, Austin embraced the cane and made it his trademark; it became a symbol of overcoming adversity and living life on your own terms.

The Music that Walks the Walk

Much like his stage name, the music of Austin Walkin’ Cane does not put on airs. It’s raw, human, layered with emotions, and above all, it’s true to the essence of blues. Austin’s commitment to authenticity is clear in every rumbling bass note and every soul-stirring vocal. His understanding and interpretation of the blues have taken him far and wide, from the humid richness of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street to the earthy resonance of Muscle Shoals – two places that are synonymous with American music history.

His Bourbon Street Days

Early in his career, Austin found himself drawn to the lively blues scene in New Orleans. The city, with its vibrant culture and rich musical heritage, proved to be the perfect incubator for his burgeoning talent. Immersing himself in the New Orleans blues scene, Austin drew inspiration from the city’s world-renowned music community, honing his skills in the numerous clubs and music venues scattered along Bourbon Street. His time in the city massively influenced his sound, infusing it with a pulsating rhythm and soulful vivacity that’s become his signature.

The Muscle Shoals Sound

Even as he found his groove in New Orleans, Austin was continually drawn to other epicentres of the blues. One such place was Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a city so deeply intertwined with the blues and rock ‘n’ roll history that it’s practically a living, breathing homage to the genres. In Muscle Shoals, Austin found a different musical language, one with a more rugged, grounded touch, a contrast to the jovial party vibes of New Orleans. He used this newfound sound to deepen his music, moving it from just celebration and merriment to encompass the whole spectrum of human emotions.

The Power of Authenticity

Moving from Bourbon Street to Muscle Shoals and blending the varying styles of blues, Austin Walkin’ Cane has formed a distinctive and captivating sound. His authenticity to his craft has garnered him fans from around the world and seen his reputation blossom in blues circles. The power of his music lies in its rawness, its grounded reality, and its heartfelt authenticity that resonates with listeners, creating a bond that’s as real as the man himself.


We’ve travelled from Bourbon Street to Muscle Shoals with Austin Walkin’ Cane today, tracing his journey through musical arenas that have been instrumental in shaping his unique sound. In doing so, we find in his music the footprints of a man who cherishes his blues roots, a man who’s made the walk on crutches his own and walked relentlessly on the road of life, much like the blues musicians who’ve inspired him. So, here’s to Austin Walkin’ Cane, an inspiring figure whose music continues to paint a vibrant portrait of the enduring beauty and struggle of the human spirit as told through the blues.

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