Beach Haus Brewery Presents Rooftop Bourbon Tasting Event in Belmar/Lake Area

Beach Haus Brewery Presents Rooftop Bourbon Tasting Event in Belmar/Lake Area

An Evening to Remember at Beach Haus Brewery: Rooftop Bourbon Tasting

The tantalizing notes of good bourbon, the whisper of an evening breeze, and the collective cheer of a lively crowd are a perfect recipe for an unforgettable night. If you agree, then you might have been one of the lucky souls to attend the official Beach Haus Brewery Rooftop Bourbon Tasting event in beautiful Belmar/Lake Como, New Jersey.

A Toast to Sunset

As the sun bid its daily adieu to Belmar, guests ascended to the rooftop of Beach Haus Brewery, where unfolded a spread of aromatic, handpicked bourbon. The hosts were charming and knowledgeable, the attendees — passionate connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike — adding to the delightful blend of chatter and cheers. What was just another rooftop turned into a plush bourbon-tasting arena, bringing together bourbon lovers from near and far.

The Art of Brewing—And Tasting

Beach Haus Brewery, one of the most vibrant microbreweries in New Jersey, isn’t a newcomer to hosting engaging social events. However, the rooftop bourbon tasting was slightly out of their wheelhouse, leaning more towards the spirit realm rather than their usual beer-centric events. Despite this, they outdid themselves again, proving their expansive knowledge of the beverage industry, far beyond the realm of hops and barley.

The evening was about more than just gulping down glasses of bourbon. It was about appreciating its many hues, savoring its unique flavors, noticing how it felt on the palate, and understanding the know-how behind crafting this spirit. It was a journey enriching the knowledge about the art of brewing and tasting — a journey the Beach Haus Brewery sponsored most efficiently.

From the Heart of Kentucky to Belmar/Lake Como

The bourbon selection for the evening was impressively diverse, featuring an intriguing mix of well-recognized brands and hidden gems from the heart of America’s bourbon country, Kentucky. From sipping spicy rye bourbons to exploring classics with a high corn content, the tasting palette had something for everyone.

Pairing Perfection

The beverages were impressively complemented with a spread of delectable hors d’oeuvres, ensuring that attendees not only savor the umpteen flavors of bourbon but also experience the enchanting play of food pairing. From fancy cheeses to smokehouse barbeque nibbles, the food scene was buzzing with flavors and excitement. Moreover, the view of Lake Como under the moonlight added the necessary dash of serenity to balance the high spirits of the event.

Belmar’s Brewing Legacy

The Beach Haus Brewery event reaffirmed Belmar’s stature as a brewing legacy in New Jersey. From buzzing music festivals and food pairing events to a wide range of spirits tasting, Belmar continues to emerge as a hub for beverage enthusiasts. The Rooftop Bourbon Tasting at Beach Haus solidifies this notion even further.

Parting Thoughts

An event is not solely about the primary activity, be it a tasting, a concert, or a race, it’s about the experience — and boy, did Beach Haus Brewery deliver a phenomenal one. With the successful execution of this event, the Beach Haus Brewery has not only cemented its place in Belmar’s social happenings but also pushed its boundaries to new horizons.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next. Until then, here’s to good times, great brews, and wonderful experiences at Beach Haus Brewery!

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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