Buffalo Trace Explores Whiskey Innovation with Old Charter Oak Series: Introducing Spanish Oak Expression

Buffalo Trace Explores Whiskey Innovation with Old Charter Oak Series: Introducing Spanish Oak Expression

A Recent Addition to the Old Charter Oak Series: Exploring the Spanish Oak Expression

Big news for all whiskey enthusiasts: Buffalo Trace Distillery, a strategic pioneer in the world of whiskey, has once again made headlines with the latest release in their Old Charter Oak Series. The highlight? An intriguing new expression produced with Spanish Oak. This bold foray is a testament to Buffalo Trace’s dedication to pushing the limits and continuously innovating within the industry.

Understanding the Unique Concept of the Old Charter Oak Series

The Old Charter Oak Series is a revolutionary line of whiskeys that Buffalo Trace launched with a distinct aim to elucidate the core influence that oak barrels impose on the flavor profile of aged whiskey. This exclusive collection thereby features bourbons that have been matured in diverse oak barrels sourced worldwide.

Learning the Magic of Spanish Oak

Spanish Oak is renowned in the whiskey sphere for its rich, intense tannin content, translating into deeper flavors and darker colors in the whiskies aged within its grain. Traditional American oak barrels offer a variant texture, often imbuing the whiskey with vanilla, caramel, and toasted notes due to the extensive aging process.

In contrast, the densely-grained Spanish Oak brings forth robust flavors and vibrant colors, lending a dynamic flair to the whiskey that is significantly different compared to its American oak counterparts. Composed mainly of sweet spices, dried fruit, and a hint of maple syrup, the Spanish Oak expression delivers a delectably unique experience for the palate.

The Birth of the Spanish Oak Expression

The latest addition to the Old Charter Oak Series, Spanish Oak, is rooted deeply in a multifaceted approach. Buffalo Trace Distillery sourced the particular oak from the Cantabrian mountains in Spain. These trees grow slower than their American siblings, translating into a close-knit, dense grain.

Embodying cutting-edge innovation, the harvested Spanish Oak was then air-dried for an astounding three years before being crafted into barrels and sent to Buffalo Trace Distillery. Post-reception, the barrels were filled with Buffalo Trace’s Mash #1 – the same recipe utilized for their Eagle Rare, flagship Buffalo Trace, and George T. Stagg bourbons. After maturing for a period of ten years, the Spanish Oak whiskey was then carefully extracted and bottled for whiskey aficionados to savor.

What to Expect from the Spanish Oak Expression

This unique release of the Old Charter Oak Series is expected to delight whiskey lovers with its unique notes and distinct flavor spectrum. Featuring a nose of sweet caramel and vanilla, layered with dry dark fruits like prunes and raisins, it invites a sensory exploration right from the start.

The first sip discloses an abundance of spices, predominantly clove, cinnamon, and ginger. Together with the indulgent blend of caramel toffee and chocolate, it’s a true sensory delight. The Spanish Oak expression concludes with a finish that is long and warm, filled with enduring hints of sweet cream and fruit, carrying you smoothly to the very end.

Buffalo Trace Distillery: The Beacon of Whiskey Innovation

The introduction of the Spanish Oak expression solidifies Buffalo Trace Distillery’s reputation as a trailblazer within the bourbon industry. They continue to surprise and delight bourbon enthusiasts worldwide with their penchant for reinventing and pushing the boundaries of bourbon production.

So, whether you’re a committed bourbon lover or a beginner looking to delve into the flavorsome world of whiskey, Buffalo Trace’s groundbreaking Old Charter Oak Series – especially their newest addition, the Spanish Oak expression – promises to take your appreciation and understanding of bourbon to a whole new level.

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