Buffalo Trace Unveils Exceptional Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Unveils Exceptional Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon

A Toast to the Exceptional: The Launch of Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon

The history of bourbon is rich, complex and tightly woven into the narrative of the United States itself. From humble beginnings on rustic, backwoods farms to modern, sophisticated distilleries that push the boundaries of what we thought we knew about this beloved libation, bourbon has evolved into a spirit of unrivalled complexity and character.

In this symphony of tradition and innovation, there is one player that has steadfastly held on its position at the forefront of the bourbon industry: Buffalo Trace Distillery. Celebrated for its dedication to craft, consistency, and an unwavering commitment to quality, this esteemed distillery has graced the world with some of the most sought-after bourbons.

And now, they have unveiled their latest masterpiece: none other than the Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon. The new entrant in the whiskey world is as majestic and as splendid as the name suggests.

The Birth of a Distinguished Bourbon

In bourbon terms, the Double Eagle Very Rare is a ‘straight’ bourbon, meaning it has been aged for a minimum of two years and contains no added coloring or flavoring – just pure, unadulterated bourbon goodness. But there are straight bourbons, and then there’s the Double Eagle Very Rare. Aged for an impressive twenty years, this whiskey sings on the palate with a depth and mellowness that only time can confer.

The Double Eagle Very Rare is not merely aged for twenty years but is nurtured and cared for over two decades. Every detail, every single day counts, creating a superior bourbon that pushes the boundaries of opulence.

The Double Eagle Very Rare – In a League of Its Own

The Double Eagle Very Rare isn’t just a name; it’s a statement of grandeur exemplified by the bottle’s design. One glance at the unique bottle, and you immediately sense the grandeur and rarity it imparts. A compelling blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, the bottle is indeed a testament to Buffalo Trace Distillery’s commitment to excellence and elegance.

The bottle comes enclosed in a luxurious silver box marked by a sliding front panel echoing the grandeur felt at first sip. The sophisticated video screen built into the box tells the story of the 20 long years it took to curate this bourbon, ensuring the experience begins even before the first pour.

A Tale of Taste

It isn’t just the bottle that holds allure; as with any Buffalo Trace offering, it’s the magical liquid inside that counts. The Double Eagle Very Rare has a deep amber color, speaking volumes about its extended encounter with oak. The first sip sends a wave of rich caramel and toasted vanilla wrapping your taste buds with warmth. The finish is long, with notes of dark cherries and a gentle hint of oak. An overall well-balanced and sophisticated bourbon indeed.

Priced Like the Rare Jewel It Is

Given the artistry, time and care it takes to make the Double Eagle Very Rare, it comes with a hefty price tag – a whopping $2000 per bottle. For that price, you’re not only getting an exceptional bourbon but a piece of Buffalo Trace’s long-standing history and incredible story of resilence and innovation.

In Closing: More Than Just a Bourbon

The release of Double Eagle Very Rare is more than just a new bourbon hitting the shelves. It’s a mission statement from Buffalo Trace, stating that tradition, quality, and aged perfection will never go out of style. A true testament to Buffalo Trace’s craft and time-honored shaping the bourbon landscape.

So, if you’re a lover of fine bourbon or simply an appreciator of unrivalled craftsmanship, the Double Eagle Very is not just a spirit – it’s an experience. An experience of taste, tradition, and pure American grit. Here’s to Buffalo Trace Distillery, and here’s to the exceptional Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon!

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  1. Buffalo Trace’s Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon truly delivers a sipping experience like no other. The meticulous aging process has resulted in a whiskey that showcases the pinnacle of flavor and demonstrates the distillery’s exceptional craftsmanship. Each sip offers an unparalleled combination of taste and complexity, making it a must-try for any bourbon enthusiast. This rare and unique gem is a testament to Buffalo Trace’s dedication to creating exceptional spirits.

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