Buffalo Trace Unveils Weller Full Proof Bourbon: A Distillery Masterpiece

Buffalo Trace Unveils Weller Full Proof Bourbon: A Distillery Masterpiece

A Remarkable New Release on the Bourbon Scene

The world of Bourbon is always brewing with excitement, often offering aficionados fascinating new editions, delectable flavors, and unique experiences. Proponents of liquid gold are bracing themselves yet again for another exquisite revelation on the bourbon horizon. This time, it’s none other than the illustrious Buffalo Trace Distillery pouring its magic into a bottle, a captivating Full Proof Weller Bourbon.

Buffalo Trace Distillery − An Overview

At first, let’s take a stroll through memory lane for those unfamiliar with Buffalo Trace Distillery. This renowned property, situated in Frankfort, Kentucky, has been distilling spirits since the late 18th century. It stands as America’s oldest continuously-operating distillery, garnering respect and numerous awards for its quality bourbon and other spirits.

Among its notable products, the Weller line of whiskeys holds a distinguished place, named after William Larue Weller, a bourbon industry pioneer known for his wheat-heavy mash bills.

(‘Full Proof’- What Does It Even Mean?)

For those relatively new to the bourbon game, the term ‘full proof’ might appear slightly befuddling.It simply refers to a whiskey that has not been watered down before bottling. This means that the spirit goes into the bottle at the same strength it had in the barrel, typically around 57% alcohol by volume (ABV) or 114 proof.

It is important to note that full proof whiskey is not necessarily cask-strength. While cask strength whiskeys also skip the watering-down stage, they can possess a much higher alcohol level. The strength of a full proof can vary depending on the distillation process and aging conditions.

What to Expect from Weller Full Proof Bourbon

A Whiskey-culinary Delight

As per the distillery’s release notes, the newest member of the Weller family will be bottled at 114 proof. The Weller Full Proof has been highly anticipated among bourbon enthusiasts for its rich and balanced flavor profile. This robust bourbon is expected to feature intense notes of caramel, balanced with layers of toasted oak and light vanilla at the back. In other words, this could be your quintessential whiskey-culinary delight.

Environment and Aging Impact

Buffalo Trace Distillery ages the Weller Full Proof in their warehouses’ hotter areas to offer it a distinct flavor profile. The decision to skip the addition of water post-aging allows for a robust, full-bodied, and mature whiskey. The strategy enhances the original flavors, yielding a bourbon that offers a taste as close to the barrel as possible.

Affordability and Availability

Buffalo Trace has confirmed that Weller Full Proof will be a yearly release and part of their annual offerings. This comes as a delightful news for bourbon connoisseurs as this exceptional bourbon will be available for their tasting pleasure on a more consistent basis. The suggested retail price sits at a comfortable $50, making this full proof bourbon not just a treat for the palate but also for the pocket.

Getting Ready for a Taste Adventure

Whether you’re a long-standing bourbon enthusiast or recently discovered your affection for this unique spirit, the Weller Full Proof from Buffalo Trace Distillery promises to be a must-try. Get ready to embark on a gustatory adventure, filled with a burst of flavors and the signature Weller warmth. As you eagerly await its release, always remember that the best way to enjoy this exquisite creation would be to sip it responsibly.

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Written by Daniel Davis

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