Buffalo Trace’s Innovative Bourbon: Ancient Egyptian Grain Creates Distinctive Flavor

Buffalo Trace’s Innovative Bourbon: Ancient Egyptian Grain Creates Distinctive Flavor

Unveiling Buffalo Trace’s New Bourbon: A Vintage Touch with Ancient Egyptian Grain

We’ve always known Buffalo Trace for the exquisite bourbon whiskies it takes pride in crafting. However, this time they’ve really outdone themselves with their latest offering, their new bourbon! It’s not just any bourbon, but one which employs ancient Egyptian grain. Yes, you read that right! Ancient Egyptian grain. Intrigued? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down what this means and what you need to know about this exciting innovation.

The Magic Ingredient – Ancient Egyptian Grain

The headline catcher here, without a doubt, is the not-so-common ingredient – the miracle grain itself. For those not familiar with it, this particular grain is believed to trace its roots all the way back to ancient Egypt. Discovered in a preserved state, it’s now being utilized in a way that the Pharaohs probably never imagined. We are talking about Bourbon whisky!

This isn’t just your everyday grain either. Archaeologists believe this variety was extensively cultivated in ancient Egypt and was a staple in their diet. There’s even evidence to suggest it was used in ritual offerings and as a form of currency. You may be wondering, as ancient as it is, how has it survived until now? The answer lies in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, where the grain was found perfectly preserved.

Buffalo Trace’s Inspired Move

While the grain was found ages ago, it took Buffalo Trace, with their pioneering spirit and their commitment to crafting innovative offerings, to truly bring its potential to the limelight. Colloquially referred to as ‘Kamut’, the grain exhibits a richness and nutrition that you won’t find in modern grains. It’s heartier, denser, and significantly richer in protein and minerals. When incorporated into whiskey, it unquestionably amplifies the flavour profile, granting the drink a distinctive edge.

Buffalo Trace, known for venturing off the beaten path and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with bourbon, embraced this inspiration and began experimenting with the grain in their distilling process. The result? A new bourbon like no other.

Revel in the Taste of the Past

Subtly sweet, gently spiced, and tipping toward nutty – the flavor profile is intense, to say the least. The bourbon yields a pronounced depth of character, bringing around a rich, full-bodied experience that’s both uniquely satisfying and, quite simply, unlike anything else in the realm of bourbons. There’s a pleasant smoothness to it with just enough heat in the finish to remind you of its strength.

The elaborate concoction is meticulously aged for a minimum six years in charred American Oak barrels (As is the tradition). This resting period not only honours the grain’s rich heritage but also furthers the development of the bourbon’s complex flavours, tying everything together into a well-rounded symphony of sensations.

Worth the Hype?

Some may question whether this bourbon is just capitalizing on the ‘ancient grain’ trend. However, the first sip of this whiskey will quickly dispel any doubts. This isn’t gimmickry; it’s an incredibly thoughtful and meticulously prepared drink. This new bourbon presents an exclusive experience that can’t be replicated. It’s for those who want to broaden their palates and explore something genuinely unique.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’re slightly in awe of this newest member among Buffalo Trace’s classic bourbon family. Crafted by a distillery that’s well established in its bourbon-making prowess and designed to captivate even the most discerning enthusiasts, this bourbon proves yet again that innovation and tradition can indeed go hand-in-hand. The Ancient Egyptian Grain bourbon is poised to make a significant impact, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves in the bourbon market. Here’s to new adventures, one sip of this aged splendour at a time!

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