Bullitt Co.’s Future Plans Post Bourbon Barrel Tax Phase Out

Bullitt Co.’s Future Plans Post Bourbon Barrel Tax Phase Out

The End of Bourbon Barrel Tax

What It Means for Bullitt Co.

Bullitt Co. is a county in Kentucky and was popularly known for its Bourbon barrels. The Bourbon Barrel tax was a major source of revenue for Bullitt Co. for a long time. The history of the bourbon barrel tax date back to 2014 when the Kentucky state government imposed a tax of $1 per barrel of bourbon produced. This tax helped the state of Kentucky to generate revenue that crossed the $20 million mark in 2019.

After the tax, the bourbon industry in Kentucky saw a boom, with the number of barrels produced in the state reaching its highest peak since the 1970s. However, in March 2021, the Kentucky State House and Senate passed a bill that phased out the bourbon barrel tax. This news shook the entire bourbon industry as the move directly impacted the revenue generated by the local governments, including Bullitt Co.

So, what does the end of Bourbon Barrel Tax mean for Bullitt Co.?

Bullitt Co. had relied heavily on the Bourbon Barrel tax for its economic growth. The funds generated were used for various development projects, such as infrastructure and parks, as well as for promoting tourism in the region. The county was the largest producer of barrels in the state and one of the country’s largest producers, bringing in a significant amount of revenue.

The end of the bourbon barrel tax created ambiguity about the region’s future economy. The uncertainty was unfathomable as the situation was new and unprecedented. However, Bullitt Co. was quick to take action. The county government focused on diversifying its economy by promoting other industries.

The New Opportunities

Fortunately, Bullitt Co. is known for more than just bourbon barrels. The county is home to a thriving manufacturing industry and has a rich history centering around the quarry industry. Consequently, the local government embarked on campaigns to promote these industries. The implementation of these campaigns would create new avenues for jobs, development, and growth in the county.

Additionally, the county government focused on tapping the potential of tourism in the area. Bullitt Co. is home to many historic buildings, beautiful parks, and other attractions. These attractions have been put on display to bring in new visitors and generate revenue from tourism.


The end of bourbon barrel tax has created a new challenge for Bullitt Co, but the region’s leaders have shown a willingness to adapt and diversify their economy. The county government’s efforts to attract new industries and tourism have led to promising avenues of growth, and it is only a matter of time before we see the next chapter of Bullitt Co.’s economic story.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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