Durham Distillery’s Bourbon Earns Coveted Elite Recognition

Durham Distillery’s Bourbon Earns Coveted Elite Recognition

The Triumph of Durham Distillery: A Bourbon Tale

Have you ever stumbled upon a whiskey so smooth and flavorful that from the very first sip, you know you’re holding a bottle of world-class liquor? That’s exactly the standard maintained by Durham Distillery. It’s no fluke that they’ve recently snagged an elite title for their premium craft bourbon. Let’s delve in to learn more about this unanticipated coup.

The Coveted Bourbon Title

With multitudes of distilleries globally crafting their versions of bourbon, winning a prospective title in this field is no small feat. This only testifies to the unsurpassed quality of Durham Distillery’s craft bourbon; a testimony verified by the fact that they’ve recently bagged a distinguished title.

Bourbon isn’t just any everyday liquor; it’s a classic that has earned the love and respect of sophisticated palates over centuries. Winning a competition in this staple category of spirits is akin to receiving a critical endorsement of character, quality, and tradition. Head over the hills, Durham Distillery, for that’s exactly what you’ve achieved!

Meet the Star: Durham Distillery’s Bourbon

The real star of the show here is Durham Distillery’s unique brand of bourbon. An exquisite blend of the finest elements, this bourbon is a tribute to fine-tuned craftsmanship and attention to detail. With rich, savory elements harmoniously fused together, this bourbon speaks volumes of the creative processes and passion that go behind each bottle.

What stands out in this bourbon is the perfect balance of ingredients and high-precision distillation. Delivering a pleasant finish, the bourbon successfully showcases the heritage and conventionality of the true spirit of bourbon while incorporating innovative twists that give it a unique edge.

Unveiling the Profile: Taste and Texture

A sip of Durham Distillery’s award-winning bourbon reveals a symphony of flavors, unfolding gradually on your palate. Strong notes of vanilla and caramel kiss your senses with a smooth charm. Next, the subtle array of sweet corn, maple, and light hints of oak takes over, offering a delightful middle. Finally, the bourbon leaves behind warm, spicy traces and a hint of smokiness, long after the liquid has left your palate.

As for texture, Durham Distillery’s bourbon delivers a velvety feel, with a medium to full body that leaves a lasting impression. The lingering richness complements the palate and is sure to keep bourbon lovers coming back for more.

North Carolina’s Bourbon Pride

Based in North Carolina, Durham Distillery epitomizes the spirit of the American South. Their recent win not only puts them on the global map; it also brings immense pride to their home state. It’s a win that resonates with the impeccable spirit of North Carolina and adds a gleaming feather to its hat.

With Durham Distillery’s recognition, North Carolina raises a toast for being home to a distillery that crafts some of the world’s most excellent bourbon!


With their recent win, Durham Distillery has reinforced what bourbon lovers have known all along – their bourbon is truly exceptional. As they continue to combine traditional bourbon taste profiles with unique, innovative elements, we can only expect more brilliant creations from this masterful team in the future.

About Durham Distillery

Founded in 2013 by Melissa & Lee Katrincic, Durham Distillery is nestled in the flourishing culinary and beverage-scene of downtown Durham, North Carolina. Rooted in craft processes, innovative thinking and a passion to produce top-quality spirits, Durham Distillery is well-renowned for its unique range of gins, liqueur, and the game-changing bourbon that has put them on the global map. As they mark their journey, we toast to their amazing achievements and look forward to many more!

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