Eric LeGrand and Rutgers Athletics Join Forces to Launch Eric LeGrand Bourbon

Eric LeGrand and Rutgers Athletics Join Forces to Launch Eric LeGrand Bourbon

A Thirst For Success: The Unique Partnership Between Eric LeGrand and Rutgers Athletics

In a remarkable display of partnership, perseverance, and drive, two of New Jersey’s most recognizable names have joined forces for an inspiring cause. Eric LeGrand, former Rutgers Scarlet Knights football player turned motivational speaker, has partnered with his alma mater’s athletic department to introduce something both revolutionary and incredibly endearing – his own line of bourbon.

About Eric LeGrand

Before we delve into this unique partnership, it’s important to explore the journey of this extraordinary individual. Eric LeGrand’s life took an unexpected turn when a spinal cord injury during a Rutgers football game in 2010 left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite this life-changing incident, LeGrand has walked the path of resilience and hope ever since. His recovery brought to light his unyielding determination and unwavering optimism that continues to inspire millions. Through his inspiring speeches and actions, LeGrand truly encapsulates the spirit of never giving up, no matter how insurmountable the challenge.

The Inspiration Behind Eric LeGrand Bourbon

Inspired by this unbreakable spirit and thirst for life, the idea of a signature bourbon range was born. LeGrand’s decision to launch his bourbon line is a testament to his unwavering zest for life. More than just a beverage, it’s a symbol of courage, resilience, and triumph over adversity.

While the bourbon itself promises a unique, quality flavor – it’s the story behind it and the momentum it builds for his cause that truly serves as the real inspiration behind every bottle sold. A percentage of the sales will go towards the Eric LeGrand Believe Foundation, which aids research aimed at curing spinal cord injuries.

The Rutgers Athletics Connection

Rutgers Athletics has always been keen on giving back to the society and the partnership with Eric LeGrand’s bourbon is another feather in their cap. This collaboration isn’t simply about selling a product with the Rutgers name on it – it’s about embracing one of their own and joining him on his mission to transform lives.

Forging a Unifying Platform

The partnership aims to forge a unifying platform where athletes, alumni, and bourbon enthusiasts alike can raise a toast in the spirit of resilience and solidarity. The collaboration is expected to elevate both LeGrand and Rutgers Athletics’ outreach, promoting their combined efforts far and wide, and fueling progress in spinal cord research.

The Launch of the Bourbon Line

The bourbon, branded as “EL 52”, in honor of LeGrand’s former jersey number with the Scarlet Knights, promises an exclusive experience for bourbon enthusiasts. The bourbon boasts a unique blend of rich, full-bodied flavors that embody the spirit of tenacity and determination synonymous with LeGrand himself.

Embodying the Spirit of Triumph

This venture is more than a collaborative business move – it’s a symbolic representation that embodies the spirit of triumph. LeGrand, through his determination and resilience, has shown that a perceived setback can be turned into a set up for greatness. Rutgers Athletics joining hands with LeGrand truly exemplifies their common commitment towards breaking down barriers and enhancing lives. Indeed, every sip of the “EL 52” is a salute to partnership, resilience, and the empowering spirit of triumph.


Eric LeGrand, with his indomitable spirit, has turned an unfortunate incident into a lifetime mission that inspires and supports so many people. With Rutgers Athletics backing him all the way, there’s no limit to what they can achieve together. This bourbon line is just the beginning. Eric LeGrand and Rutgers Athletics have teamed up to fuel a cause that promises to leave an indelible impact on society, reminding us all of the power of resilience.

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