Frey Ranch Farm’s Robust Uncut Bourbon – A Powerful Review by Paste Magazine

Frey Ranch Farm’s Robust Uncut Bourbon – A Powerful Review by Paste Magazine

Introduction: A New Entry in the Whiskey World

It’s no secret that the world of bourbon and whiskey can often seem overcrowded. With so many producers, both large and small, vying for the attention and tastebuds of spirits enthusiasts, it can be challenging to discern who’s who and what’s what. But every once in a while, a new entry comes along that manages to elicit genuine excitement and keen interest. Cue the Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon.

About Frey Ranch

Before diving into our review of the Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon, let’s get acquainted with the people behind this drink. Nestled in the wide-open, beautiful expanses of Nevada, Frey Ranch is a true grain-to-glass distillery. What’s indeed noteworthy about them is that they are among the handful of distilleries across the United States that grow their grains. From the cultivation of barley, corn, rye, and wheat to the distilling, maturing, and bottling, everything happens right there on the Frey family farm.

Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon: The Rundown

Take note; this is not just your run-of-the-mill mid-shelf bourbon. It’s their Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon, meaning it hasn’t been watered down after aging. It enters the bottle at a hefty 107 proof, which is the exact strength it emerged from the barrel. Its mash bill is a blend of non-GMO corn, winter cereal rye, winter wheat, and two-row barley, all of which are grown on the Frey farm. The bourbon is aged a minimum of four years before it’s deemed ready for consumption.

The Packaging

First impressions are often everything, and Frey Ranch has done a phenomenal job with the packaging of the Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon. The imposing, dark bottle is adorned with a map of the Frey Ranch, emphasizing their local, handcrafted approach to bourbon production. It does a commendable job of conveying a sense of the hard work, heritage, and dedication poured into every bottle.


The first aroma that welcomes you is a delightful blend of caramel and toffee complimented by a hit of nutty, toasted oak. As you take a deeper whiff, you notice a hint of dark chocolate beneath the more robust, grain-inspired notes. After a moment or two, you may catch a whiff of cherry and apple, providing a hint at the complexity awaiting in your glass.


At first sip, the Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon hits the palate with a robust, balanced mix of flavors. There’s the sweetness of caramel and a bit of vanilla, followed by a rye bread crusty spice. Cinnamon and clove notes present themselves, adding a warm, comforting depth. The proof level lends a noticeable—yet not overwhelming—heat, balancing the sweetness beautifully.


The finish is surprisingly smooth for a high-proof bourbon, with the lingering sweetness of vanilla and caramel, mixed with a pleasant, oaky dryness. After the last sip, you’re left with a warm and fulfilling aftertaste, making you yearn for more.

Conclusion: Is the Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon Worth It?

The world of bourbon is filled with a myriad of choices, each with its unique traits, strengths, and flavors. While the Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon may not replace your go-to, it also won’t disappoint. Its robust flavor, high proof, and compelling backstory offer an excellent addition to any bourbon lover’s collection. Its grain-to-glass heritage bestows a degree of authenticity and connection to the land that few spirits can match. If you’re seeking a new bourbon experience that feels both exciting and familiar, this might just be the ticket. Cheers to the folks up at Frey Ranch for crafting such an enjoyable and layered bourbon!

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Written by Emma Jones

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