Get ready for Bacon, Bourbon, and Brewfest in Newport – LINK nky

Get ready for Bacon, Bourbon, and Brewfest in Newport – LINK nky

Get Ready for the Upcoming Carnivalez Fun – Bacon, Bourbon, and Brew

Gather up folks! It’s time to let your hair down and immerse yourself in a celebration of quintessential American favorites. Bacon, Bourbon, and Brew are joining forces to host an unmissable party this coming weekend. So grab your foodie friends, and head on to Newport for this ultimate trio treat!

The Bacon, Bourbon, and Brew Triumphed Trio

Everything’s Better with Bacon

Unleash your inner gastronome as we will be serving some of the most innovative bacon-inspired recipes you ever did taste! Whether it’s bacon-wrapped scallops, mouth-watering bacon burgers, or chocolate-covered bacon for the brave hearts – we got it all covered. After all, one of the few things everyone unanimously agrees on is – everything’s better with bacon! So, who needs a diet, right?

Because No Great Story Started with Someone Eating a Salad: Bourbon!

Get ready to dive into a world of bold, rich, and full-bodied Bourbons. We’re featuring a diversified selection of bourbon from small batch bourbons to single barrel offerings from renowned distilleries around the country. Let’s raise a toast to warm, smooth, and smokey bourbon notes that have been stealing the show since forever. Just remember, sip don’t gulp!

Brew-tiful Memories are Made with A Cold Beer

Surround yourself with good friends, great food, and craft beers. Newport is ready to serve barrels of happiness, bringing together a multitude of craft beers and lagers from local breweries. We are pretty sure that the only thing everyone loves more than a good beer is – more beer! Plus, for those with a more sophisticated palate, a series of beer tastings will redefine your love for the golden elixir.

Live Music and Entertainment

It’s not just about food and drink, though. Alongside the concession stands, you’ll find a plethora of live music acts to keep your feet tapping and your heart thumping. Be it the soft notes of the blues or the energetic rhythms of rock, there’s something to appease every music lover out there. So, don’t forget your dancing shoes – you’re going to need them!

The Town of Newport

Newport is more than just the beautiful scenery you see in postcards. It’s a community studded with a trove of history, holding age-old traditions close to heart while embracing the modern vibes. Surrounded by beautiful waterfront views, this small yet vibrant town has much more to offer than meets the eye. From shopping centers and art galleries to sumptuous eateries and thrilling nightlife, there’s truly something for everyone!

Experience the Unforgettable

So, come glasses clinking, forks clashing and hearts rejoicing, soak in the unique spirit of this festivity. Be a part of this unforgettable event, create worth-sharing memories, and get ready to relish the amazing ensemble of bacon, bourbon, and brew. Trust us, it’s not an event you’d like to miss!

Mark the dates. Make your weekend count. See you in Newport!

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    Bacon, Bourbon, and Brewfest in Newport, Kentucky sounds like an absolute dream for food and drink enthusiasts! The combination of sizzling bacon, rich bourbon, and unique brewery creations promises an immersive experience like no other. Not to mention the addition of live music, which adds the perfect touch to make it a truly memorable night. If you’re looking for a great time filled with delicious food, delectable drinks, and exclusive entertainment, be sure to check out NKYVA and grab your tickets.

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