Indulge in Rich and Creamy Bourbon Ice Creams by Haagen-Dazs

Indulge in Rich and Creamy Bourbon Ice Creams by Haagen-Dazs

The Scoop on Haagen-Daz’s New Bourbon Ice Cream Flavors


If you’re a fan of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, get ready for something new and exciting. Haagen-Dazs recently announced that they will be releasing two new bourbon-flavored ice cream options in early 2022. The flavors, Bourbon Praline Pecan and Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle, are expected to be a hit among ice cream enthusiasts and bourbon lovers alike.

The Inspiration

According to Haagen-Dazs, the inspiration for these new flavors came from the growing trend of using bourbon in desserts. As more and more restaurants and bakeries are incorporating bourbon into their menu items, Haagen-Dazs decided to jump on board and create their own take on the trend.

Both of the new flavors feature a creamy bourbon base, with the Bourbon Praline Pecan option also including bits of praline and pecans, while the Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle option features a rich truffle swirl throughout the ice cream.

The Process

Creating these new flavors wasn’t a simple task. Haagen-Dazs spent months testing and perfecting the recipes to ensure that they would provide the best possible taste experience for their customers.

The ice cream experts at Haagen-Dazs worked with specially selected bourbon distilleries to create the perfect blend of their signature ice cream base and high-quality bourbon. They also had to make sure that the addition of bourbon didn’t overpower the other flavors in the ice cream.

The Excitement

Both flavors are expected to be a major hit with customers and are sure to be a conversation starter at any social gathering. The bourbon-infused ice cream is a unique twist on a classic dessert that will appeal to anyone looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite flavors.

Additionally, the new bourbon ice cream options provide a great opportunity for cocktail pairings. Imagine serving a scoop of Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle with a glass of aged bourbon – the perfect dessert to cap off a night of relaxation and indulgence.


Overall, the release of Haagen-Dazs’ new bourbon ice cream flavors is a delicious and exciting development for dessert lovers and bourbon enthusiasts alike. With their signature creamy texture and high-quality ingredients, these new flavors are sure to be a hit and will provide a unique and enjoyable experience for any ice cream lover. Keep an eye out for their release in early 2022 and get ready to indulge in a new and exciting flavor experience.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

Dustin Gandoff is a news reporter and bourbon enthusiast. He has been writing about bourbon for the past five years, and has become an expert in the field. He has traveled to distilleries all over the world to learn more about the craft and to sample some of the finest bourbons available. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and is always looking for new ways to explore the world of bourbon.

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