Smith Bowman Bourbon Takes Double Gold at North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

Smith Bowman Bourbon Takes Double Gold at North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

A Notable Achievement for A. Smith Bowman Bourbon

–There’s celebratory news from the heartland of American bourbon brewing as the esteemed A. Smith Bowman brand managed to secure a hugely coveted double gold medal at a recent prestigious competition. The North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition (NABWC) is known for being an event that showcases the richest flavors, the finishing finesse, the creative elements of bourbon craftsmanship and the A. Smith Bowman distillery just scored big, bagging the highest honor that can be awarded.

The North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

Before plunging into the details of A. Smith Bowman’s triumph, let’s discuss the competition itself. The NABWC is an institution in the world of bourbons and whiskeys. Featuring the most exceptional distilleries in North America, the competition allows the biggest brands to showcase their talent and product. Each entry is judged painstakingly on numerous levels, including aroma, taste, smoothness, and finish.

How Does the Competition Work?

It puts each product under a rigorous blind tasting process, conducted by a group of seasoned judges who are unaware of the details of the product they’re assessing. This ensures an utmost impartial result; intrigue around the winning bottle heightens as the flavour, not the branding or a preconceived notion of taste, takes precedence.

The Double Gold Medal

Now, onto the accolade, the A. Smith Bowman distillery received – the Double Gold. This extraordinary recognition is only given when all the judging panelists agree that the bourbon is deserving of a gold medal. Therefore, this feat confirms that A. Smith Bowman has delivered a product that stands out in all prominent taste metrics and has won unanimous admiration from the industry’s most discerning experts.

A. Smith Bowman’s Bourbon Masterpiece

The bourbon from A. Smith Bowman that won unanimous applause is nothing short of a masterpiece. It carries the distillery’s long-standing tradition of redefining premium bourbons with its unique craftsmanship. The exquisite taste, perfect blend, distinct aroma, and its rich cultural history, makes their bourbon an irresistible spirit for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

In The Company Of Giants

By bagging the Double Gold at the NABWC, A. Smith Bowman finds itself in the company of giants. Previous winners include some of the most highly praised distilleries in the industry; brands revered for their craftsmanship, legacy, and spirit of excellence. Thus, achieving this honor elevates the A. Smith Bowman Bourbon into a higher tier of the industry, cementing its contemporary legacy as a distillery of extraordinary repute and quality.

Celebrating the Win

Receiving the Double Gold is undoubtedly a moment of gratification for the A. Smith Bowman Distillery, its team, and undoubtedly, its loyal consumers. The team’s hard work, dedication, and passion are embodied in this precious spirit, and this victory is proof of their mastery in distilling a world-class bourbon. Amid this sweet victory, every sip of A. Smith Bowman’s award-winning bourbon will likely now give aficionados a taste of their unparalleled commitment towards excellence and an adherence to the tradition and history of American bourbon-making.

The Future Looks Bright

With this prestigious award under their belt, the future looks bright and tantalizing for the A. Smith Bowman distillery. The recognition has already amplified their voice in a crowded market. For the experts in the world of bourbon and casual drinkers alike, A. Smith Bowman bourbon has become a must-try blend. And, considering the what they’ve achieved, it’s bound to cater to taste buds desiring to grace themselves with the best bourbon in North America.


All said and done, this win represents a key milestone in the journey of A. Smith Bowman distillery, showcasing not only their commitment to the craft of bourbon-brewing but their brilliance in producing an outstanding, award-winning bourbon spirit. To taste this double gold medal-winning bourbon is an opportunity to partake in a slice of history and, undoubtedly, an incomparable drinking experience. Here’s raising a glass to their continued success in the world of bourbon, and the ever-growing appreciation for the passion they bring to every bottle!

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Written by Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis has been writing about spirits for over 10 years. He is a frequent speaker at whiskey festivals and events around the country and has been a judge at several international spirit competitions. He is passionate about educating people about the history and culture of whiskey and bourbon and loves to share his knowledge with others.

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