Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 Review: Exceptional Craftsmanship Unleashed

Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 Review: Exceptional Craftsmanship Unleashed


Before we dive in, let’s just clarify one thing – we’re talking about some seriously good bourbon here. Since we’re on the topic of the profound and essential, let’s bring our minds to the attention of Stagg Bourbon Batch 18, a booze so smooth we think it might just disrupt the whiskey market for good. Before we explore this marvellous potion in all its glory, a preface about the brewery and its long-standing tradition in whiskey-making will set the stage.


Coming from Buffalo Trace Distillery, a powerhouse in the bourbon industry, Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 follows through in the lineage of robust spirit production. This distillery has a long history dating back to the late 18th century, and arguably, they have perfected the craft of whiskey distillation over the years. Stagg Bourbon is named after George T. Stagg, a pioneer in whiskey distillation and one of the founding fathers of the distillery. It’s a fitting tribute, considering each batch is a testament to the mastery in this timeless craft.

Buffalo Trace Distillery: The Legacy

Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the Buffalo Trace Distillery holds an esteemed position in the liquor industry as one of America’s oldest distilleries. Its casks have seen generations of whiskey cultivators fine-tuning the beverages that have inked an indomitable impact on the global whiskey ecosystem. Marked by an insatiable passion for quality and innovation, every whiskey collection from this distillery tells a story – and Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 is no different.

The Main Event: Stagg Bourbon Batch 18

Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 is the distillery’s latest offering, touted as one of their most potent batches yet. It’s also one of the highest-rated bourbons in recent times, quickly gaining a favorable reputation among whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. If you love your spirits robust, you’re in for a real treat.

Aroma and Nose

The first thing you notice about Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 is its rich, dark, and complex aroma that immediately piques your interest. Deep notes of oak, spice, and dark fruits greet your senses, with a subtle, faint hint of vanilla, imparting a lovely mix of earthy and sweet aromas.


We have to admit, the taste of Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 is quite progressive. At first note, it offers a delicate blend of the familiar and the enigmatic, with caramel, coffee, and chocolate tones playing a dominant role. There’s also a hint of spice that goes through several developments within the palate, creating a lasting impression. But it’s the underlining red fruit note, resembling a simmering pot of berry compote, which truly creates an exceptional flavor profile.


What’s a good bourbon without a memorable finish, right? Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 doesn’t disappoint here either. The finish is long, warming, and, dare we say, empowering. There’s a slight burn, paired with the lingering taste of oak and a beautiful creamy mouth-feel that stays with you, rounding off an entirely fantastic drinking experience.

Final Verdict

All things considered, Stagg Bourbon Batch 18 is more than just an ode to its long-standing legacy. It’s an excellent bourbon, with a sophisticated taste profile that is reflective of the careful thought and innovation that went into its making. While it might take some time for the beginners to truly appreciate it, seasoned whiskey lovers will definitely enjoy the robust flavors at play. It’s a wholesome treat that perfectly complements a fun get-together, a romantic night in, or a quiet book reading session by the fire. So pour yourself a glass, sit back, and lose yourself in the wonderful world of Stagg Bourbon Batch 18. It’s a ride you’ll want to take, again and again.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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