Taste the Finest New Bourbons & Whiskies: Forbes’ Top Picks

Taste the Finest New Bourbons & Whiskies: Forbes’ Top Picks

A Sneak Peek into the World of Bourbon and Whisky

There’s just something about the rich, smooth, and deliciously complex taste of whiskey that has enthralled many spirits enthusiasts. In a market swamped with various types of spirits, bourbons and whiskies have interestingly stood the test of time, consistently attracting wannabe enthusiasts and seasoned drinkers alike. Every year, whiskey distilleries experiment with mashbills and aging processes, producing some of the best spirits in the world. Without further ado, let’s take you on a tantalizing tour of the best new bourbons and whiskies that you should definitely try out.

Blackened American Whiskey’s X Batch 106

Metallica fans will swoon at this iconic rock band’s venture into the whiskey-verse with Batch 106 of Blackened American Whiskey. This bottle is a unique blend of bourbons and ryes, all aged in black brandy casks. Batch 106 boasts a robust flavour profile of apricot, clover honey, and cinnamon that will enchant whiskey lovers looking to add a new favorite to their collection.

Bardstown Bourbon’s Fusion Series #4

Next, we have Bardstown Bourbon’s Fusion Series #4. This variant unites two of Bardstown’s own 4-year and 2-year bourbons with an 11-year sourced Kentucky bourbon. Carrying hints of roasted almonds, rich cocoa, and cooked berries, this is a spirit that gives you a taste of heaven with every sip. Bardstown Fusion Series #4 is ideal for those wanting to enjoy an easy-drinking bourbon with considerable depth.

Woodford Reserve Five Malt

Bourbon’s sweet, rich characteristics naturally align with dessert flavors, and Woodford Reserve’s Five Malt does just that. Inspired by the rich flavors found in malted grains, Woodford Reserve created this masterpiece by aging in both new charred oak barrels and used beer barrels. With inviting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and dried fruit, this whiskey is the perfect after-meal treat. If you fancy decadent tasting notes, the Woodford Reserve Five Malt should definitely grace your liquor cabinet.

Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Guinness Finish

If dark, rich Irish beer and peaty Scotch had a love child, it would be Lagavulin’s Offerman Edition: Guinness Finish. In this unusual convergence of flavors, Lagavulin ages their malt in barrels that previously held Guinness stout beer. The result? An exquisite whisky that features a harmonious blend of cocoa, fruit, and smoke with a pleasantly creamy and smoky finish. This whisky is a crowning jewel for those who love both Guinness stout and Scotch whisky.

Old Forester’s 117 Series: High Angels’ Share

Old Forester master taster Jackie Zykan has created the 117 Series: High Angels’ Share, a bourbon unlike any other. This variant is made from barrels located in the highest, hottest parts of the warehouse, making it the perfect bourbon to sip during the cold months. With toffee, cherry, and oak notes, this bourbon promises a complex and gratifying tasting experience.

Final Thoughts

Much like the personalities and stories behind them, bourbons and whiskies are diverse and unique. Whether you are looking for bourbon’s sweet thrill or whisky’s smokey challenge, there’s a bottle that perfectly suits your palate. As far as bourbons and whiskies go, vast and varied is the world of flavour profiles, and the best part? There’s always room to discover and try new ones. Here’s to raising a glass to these fantastic new releases!

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Written by Emma Jones

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