The 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle by Woodford Reserve: An Exclusive First Peek

The 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle by Woodford Reserve: An Exclusive First Peek

The Curtain Lifts as Woodford Reserve Unveils the 2019 Kentucky Derby Bottle

Hold on to your hats, bourbon lovers and Kentucky Derby fanatics, because Woodford Reserve has just given us a sneak peek at something special. Known as the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve has unveiled their highly anticipated 2019 commemorative Kentucky Derby bottle. It’s a colourful and iconic roll out that certainly upholds the grandeur of the most famous horse racing event in the United States.

Feast Your Eyes on the Design

This year’s design is an explosion of bright colours that truly encapsulates the pulsating energy of the Kentucky Derby. It showcases the vibrant scene of the Kentucky Derby’s front stretch, with silhouettes of several thoroughbreds charging towards the finish line. At the forefront, a jockey guides his steed with the sheer determination that is characteristic of the illustrious race. The bottle slips off its previous dainty prints to catch the raw and exhilarating moments that capture the essence of the Derby – a move that many fans are applauding.

Artist Keith Anderson’s Masterstroke

Significantly, this year’s bottle design is a product of Keith Anderson — a Louisville based artist and employee of Brown-Forman, Woodford Reserve’s parent company. He effortlessly paints the thrilling scene of Derby Day, with an attention to detail that commands appreciation. Anderson’s touch is all over this design, a bright and kinetic reflection of the fastest two minutes in sports. His beautifully rendered depiction of a racing horse steps fiercely forwards, injecting excitement and movement to every angle of the bottle.

The Contents: A Sizeable Pour of Beauty

However, the real beauty of the bottle lies in the bourbon it confines. Ensconced within is Woodford Reserve’s classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. In the signature straight bourbon, you’ll get a taste of what makes Woodford Reserve so distinctive. The symphony of flavors working in unison — dried fruit mingled with vanilla and toasted oak — yields a balanced and refined taste that smooths down the throat.

Grain to Glass Experience

Each bottle of Woodford Reserve is a result of carefully honed artisanal processes. The materiel is meticulously selected, right from the water, grains, fermentation, distillation, to maturation. When you sip a glass of Woodford Reserve, you are tasting a series of deliberate choices, each carefully considered to contribute to a symphony of flavors. A harmony that is consistent with every bottle across all batches, year after year.

Snag A Bottle for your Collection

Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby bottles are considered collectibles, especially amongst whiskey enthusiasts and Kentucky Derby aficionados. Each year, these specialty bottles are graciously welcomed into personal collections around the globe. Admirers have shown appreciation for the blend of culture, art, sport and bourbon that the limited bottles have come to represent.

In Store and Online Availability

Released at the beginning of April, the Kentucky Derby bottle can be found in stores that carry Woodford Reserve and also through online whiskey retailers at a retail price of approximately $43.99 for a 1L bottle. Considering the rate at which previous years’ bottles have sold out, fans and collectors might want to grab one, or even a couple, while the supply lasts!

Truly a Grand Event in a Bottle

This year’s release by Woodford Reserve is intoxicatingly appealing, whether it is the dashing label that caught your imagination, the allure of the Kentucky Derby, or simply the distinguished taste of the bourbon itself. It captures within its glassy confines the grandeur of America’s most famous horse race. Drink it while yelling at your television on Derby Day or cuddle it up for a collection, the bottle is truly a fanfare to the spirit of an event loved by many.

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  1. I am a big fan of Woodford Reserve, and I’m excited to try their special commemorative bottle for the 2019 Kentucky Derby! The blending of traditional flavors with unique ingredients sounds promising, and I can’t wait to experience the race like never before. If you’re a fan of bourbon and the Kentucky Derby, I highly recommend getting your hands on this exclusive bottle today!

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