Uncovering the Story of Michter’s Whiskey with Chuck Cowdery

Uncovering the Story of Michter’s Whiskey with Chuck Cowdery

The Michter’s Story

Michter’s is a well-known name in the bourbon industry, with a history dating back over 250 years. Originally founded in Pennsylvania in 1753, the distillery fell on hard times in the 1980s before being resurrected by new owners in the early 2000s. Today, Michter’s is once again producing some of the best whiskeys in the world.

The Struggle for Survival

Michter’s history is a testament to the perseverance of its owners and employees. After surviving wars, prohibition, and numerous financial difficulties, the distillery finally closed in 1989. Like many other American whiskey brands, Michter’s could not compete with the larger companies in the market.

The Rebirth

In 1997, a group of investors bought the Michter’s brand name and all remaining assets, including aging barrels of whiskey. They began searching for a new place to produce their bourbon, eventually settling on a facility in Kentucky. Over the next several years, Michter’s slowly rebuilt its reputation and gained a dedicated following.

The Rebranding of Michter’s

In 2015, Michter’s once again underwent a major change. The company unveiled a new logo and branding, which was designed to reflect the distillery’s history and commitment to quality.

The New Michter’s

The new Michter’s logo pays homage to the brand’s original design, featuring the same eagle emblem that has been a part of the company’s identity for centuries. The font used for the name “Michter’s” is also a nod to the past, inspired by a bourbon label from the 1940s.

The Importance of Quality

The new branding is more than just a cosmetic change. Michter’s has always been committed to producing the highest quality whiskey possible, and the new logo and design reflect that mission. The company’s distillers take great pride in their work, and the new branding is a way to highlight that dedication to excellence.


Michter’s is a great example of perseverance and dedication in the face of adversity. Despite numerous setbacks over the years, the distillery has managed to survive and thrive thanks to the hard work of its employees and the commitment of its owners. With its new branding and continuing commitment to quality, Michter’s is poised to remain a top player in the bourbon industry for years to come.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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