Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten: A Timeless Blend Review

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Sipping History: rye-takes-whiskey-to-new-heights/” title=”Bulleit's 12-Year-Old Rye Takes Whiskey to New Heights”>bourbon/” title=”Breaking All the Rules: Kentucky's First Female Master Distiller Launches Forbidden Bourbon”>Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten Review

Greetings, dear connoisseur of the amber elixir! Buckle up and prepare for a journey through time and barrels because today I’ll be pouring you a dram of knowledge about the most dynamic and impressive Wild Turkey release to date – the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten.

The Birth of a Blend

It all began with a serendipitous dance between rye and bourbon – imagine a Cinderella story, but in Kentucky, and instead of a glass slipper, a delightful bourbon-rye blend. The eighth release in their coveted Master’s Keep limited series, Unforgotten, pays homage to the 2010 Wild Turkey Forgiven. Now let’s be honest, “forgiven” is quite a name for a happy accident, am I right?

Unlike its older cousin that boasted a large age gap between its constituent spirits, Unforgotten has boldly upped the ante. We’re talking about mature base whiskeys, aged like fine wisdom, with years under their belts. But Wild Turkey didn’t just rest on its laurels; oh no, they finished this beauty in used rye casks for that extra razzle-dazzle, or should we say rye-zzle dazzle? It’s a blend that was as rare as a unicorn back in the early 2010s and continues to be a showstopper today.

Whiffs of Whiskey Wisdom: The Nose Knows

Raise your glass to your nose and take a deep breath. What’s that divine scent? Oh, just the bouquet of sweet caramel caressed by cinnamon sugar – a true aromatic symphony. But wait, there’s more! A rye spice cuts in, sharp and assertive, like an unexpected twist in a dance number. Ultimately, you find yourself in a fragrant equilibrium where spices and sweets tango in perfect harmony.

A Palate Pleaser

With the finesse of a velvet glove, Unforgotten’s palate is nuanced, rich, and bold. A scrumptious blend of caramel, sweet oak, and dried fruit bursts onto the scene, immediately making its presence felt. A gingerbread twist embellishes the mid-palate, creating an enchanting balance between sweet and spicy notes.

Finishing with Flair

The finish introduces a rye spice crescendo accompanied by oak’s dry timbre – a sophisticated blend that offers a refreshing counterpoint to the sweeter palate. But it’s the masterful blend of sweet cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg that leaves you with a sense of fulfilled prophecy. Each sip is an echo of the last, a reminder of why this aged whiskey is more than just a sip – it’s an experience.

The Unmatched Uniqueness of Unforgotten

In a world where blending houses are celebrities of spirits, Wild Turkey, known for its bourbon prowess, reveals its blend-crafting skills with aplomb. With Unforgotten, we see a sophisticated bourbon and rye partnership finished in rye casks that is more than just a nod to continuity; it’s an evolution. Marrying higher aged whiskeys, Unforgotten opens up exquisite flavors usually found roaming in a whiskey lover’s daydreams.

Value: A Conundrum in a Bottle

Now, when it comes to the greenbacks, Wild Turkey has been inching ever upward with their Master’s Keep pricing. Jumping the fiscal ship from $175 to the $200 mark might pinch a wallet or two, but remember, like a fine wine, the economics of excellent whiskey is ever so slightly inflating! Plus, given the newfound rarity and almost mythical status of these bottles, surely, the hunt (and price) are worth the taste?

Masterfully Concluding: The Allure of Unforgotten

Wrap your palate around this, the Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten isn’t just a triumph of blending or the result of an innovative cask finish; it’s a symbol. A reminder of how elegant and sophisticated bourbon and rye can be when they form an alliance. What a year 2022 is proving to be! Companies like Wild Turkey are not just returning to form; they are unfurling the very fabric of the whiskey cosmos.

In conclusion, my whiskey-loving friends, as we toast to the legends of the barrel and the stories steeped in each glass, we must concede that Unforgotten is indeed a liquid narrative worth remembering – an artisanal blend of mature aged whiskey with the finesse of a rye cask finish in the much-celebrated limited series release. We are truly witnessing a new chapter in the ever-evolving annals of the bourbon-rye masterpiece. Cheers!

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten: A Timeless Blend Review
Bottle Info

Classification: Blend of Straight Bourbon and Rye Finished in Used Rye Casks

Company: Campari Group

Distillery: Wild Turkey

Release Date: October 2022

Proof: 105

Age: NAS (Company states blend contains 13-year-old bourbon and 8 & 9-year-old rye)

Mashbill: Undisclosed blend of:

13 Year Bourbon: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

8 & 9 Year Rye: 51% Rye, 37% Corn, 12% Malted Barley

Color: Dark Gold

MSRP: $200 (2022)

Official Website

Reader Rating9997 Votes

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  1. I absolutely loved the review of Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten: A Timeless Blend. The way the author delved into the history and taste profile of this special release from Wild Turkey was insightful and intriguing.

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