A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Triumphs with Double Gold at N.A. Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Triumphs with Double Gold at N.A. Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

Smith Bowman Bourbon: A New Champion Emerges

If greatness is judged by the measure of one’s accolades, then A. Smith Bowman bourbon unquestionably stands tall amongst its competition. In the whiskey world, a double gold medal at the prestigious North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition (NABWC) is synonymous with excellence. Today, we are in the enviable position of celebrating this momentous achievement by the A. Smith Bowman distillery.

An Exquisite Display of Craftsmanship

For the uninitiated, the world of bourbon might appear simple, but it is far from it. It is a fine drink, steeped in tradition, craftsmanship and complex flavors. A. Smith Bowman bourbon has been a torchbearer of this fine tradition throughout its existence. With its latest triumph, it doesn’t just vindicate its own proficiency but also that of the entire bourbon industry.

The Road to Gold

Bagging a double gold medal is no small feat- it means that the bourbon was voted unanimously by the judging panel as worthy of a gold medal. The competition is the single most rigorous and comprehensive of its kind, evaluating bourbons on the basis of their aroma, taste, and finish. Consequently, for A. Smith Bowman to emerge as the undisputed winner surpasses being merely impressive; it’s historical.

The Distillation Process: An Art Form

The outstanding performance of A. Smith Bowman bourbon is an affirmation of the efforts that go into the distillation process. The distillery makes use of time-honored methods, handcrafting and distilling in small batches to achieve the perfect harmony of flavors. It is this meticulous attention to detail that has culminated in this fantastic recognition.

The Flavor Profile

For bourbon enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, what remains of prime importance is the taste. A. Smith Bowman bourbon possesses a complex and vibrant flavor profile. The bourbon introduces itself with a warm, inviting aroma, displaying rich notes of caramel, spice, and oak. As you take a sip, your palate is greeted by flavors of vanilla, honey, apples, and toasted oak, culminating in a long, smooth, and satisfying finish. It’s a journey of taste that never seems to grow tiring!

Pressing On With Pride

No doubt, this recent accolade adds a brilliant feather to A. Smith Bowman’s cap. However, the distillery regards it as an encouragement to continue their quest for perfection, and not just as a pinnacle to be rested upon. Each bottle of bourbon they produce is a labor of love, an ode to tradition, and a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality.

In Good Company

While A. Smith Bowman takes home the double gold, it’s important to highlight the remarkable standards maintained by all entrants in the competition. Each bourbon presented at the NABWC was unique, exemplifying the diverse landscape of North American bourbon. Therefore, while we raise a glass to A. Smith Bowman, we also make a toast to the spirit (pun intended) of the entire bourbon industry.

The Bottom Line

With a journey steeped in passion, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to quality, it is no surprise that A. Smith Bowman has clinched the double gold at the prestigious North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition. It’s not just a win for the distillery but a testament to the stellar craftsmanship and standards upheld by the entire bourbon industry. Here’s to their continued success and to us, the fortunate enthusiasts, who get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Cheers!

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  1. The accolades don’t lie – A. Smith Bowman’s bourbon whiskey truly deserves its double gold win at the North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition. The careful craftsmanship behind this spirit, made from 100% grain and aged in charred oak barrels, is evident in its unique and exceptionally smooth flavor profile. It’s impressive to see Virginia’s oldest distillery produce a top-tier whiskey that pays homage to the timeless art of distilling. A definitely deserving choice for whiskey aficionados.

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