Augusta Distillery aims to expand Old Route 8 bourbon’s reach: The Cincinnati Enquirer

A Rising Star in Whiskey World: Augusta Distillery’s Old Route 8 Bourbon

Let me tell you a little story about a small-town Kentucky distillery that’s currently making some big waves in the whiskey world. Nestled in the town of Augusta, Kentucky, is the Augusta Distillery, an establishment that is dedicated to crafting high-quality bourbon with a unique edge. Their goal is to share their world-class Old Route 8 bourbon with new and unexplored markets.

Overview of the Augusta Distillery

Believe it or not, the Augusta Distillery has held on pretty well for a small-town distillery. Rooted deep in Kentucky, the distillery continues to make its mark in the bourbon industry. Its lines of Old Route 8 bourbon have achieved considerable popularity and have earned appreciation from whiskey lovers all over the country. The distillery isn’t merely about bourbon; it’s about a vibrant experience rooted in local hospitality and the art of distilling.

The Story of Old Route 8 Bourbon

This label from Augusta Distillery is not just any run-of-the-mill bourbon. The Old Route 8 is premium quality stuff. It is named after the historic Old Route 8, a road that runs through the heart of bourbon country, connecting the most renowned distilleries in Kentucky. The naming reflects how interconnected the bourbon-making community is and how the time-honored traditions of bourbon craftsmanship carry from one generation to the next.

Old Route 8 has its own unique blend and style. It is referred to as a “high rye” bourbon. In other words, it has a higher percentage of rye grain in the mixture, which gives it a distinctive spicy kick. This flavor profile makes Old Route 8 stand out in the vast ocean of bourbons on the market.

Cracking The National Market

The real challenge? It won’t be easy to get Old Route 8 into the hands of whiskey enthusiasts nationwide. However, Augusta Distillery is up for the adventure! They plan to produce even more high-quality bourbon, and they want to share it with fellow bourbon lovers across different states. As the owners of Augusta Distillery have put it, they want Old Route 8 to reach new “sippers” who can appreciate the craft, the taste, and the quality that goes into the making of each bottle.

Embracing the digital frontier

In the modern day, reaching a new audience often means embracing digital innovation. Augusta Distillery isn’t shying away from this trend, with a strong online presence and a progressive marketing strategy to not limit their bourbon offerings to just locals but also reach bourbon lovers who have never set foot in Kentucky.

The Reception So Far

The initial responses for Old Route 8 have been rather positive, making the team at Augusta Distillery even more motivated to break into unexplored markets. Reviewers have praised its distinctive taste and smooth finish, a testimony to its quality and refined distillation process. The bourbon is quickly catching on, as word of mouth makes the rounds among bourbon enthusiasts.

A Toast to The Future

While the road might not be a smooth one, Augusta Distillery is enthusiastic about the descent into new terrain. They’re looking forward to introducing Old Route 8 to new customers who have a love for supreme quality bourbon. To old bourbon fans and new sippers alike, let’s raise a glass in honor of the heart and determination propelling Augusta Distillery forward.

May the Old Route 8 reach all who cherish good bourbon and even those who will be trying it for the first time. Here’s to the fantastic journey that lies ahead!

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