Bulleit Rye Introduces New 12 Year Old Expression: An Elevated Whiskey Experience

New Release: Bulleit Expands Its Rye Whiskey Portfolio

These days, the whiskey world seems to be in a constant state of flux, with new and exciting brands surfacing with every passing week. One brand that has managed to craft a permanent position in the American whiskey story is Bulleit Bourbon. But even the veteran distillers at Bulleit aren’t resting on their laurels, they’ve recently decided to brave the rye tide and expand their portfolio.

Among whispers of exciting new whiskey releases, a stand-out product has comfortably seized the attention of whiskey enthusiasts across our whiskey-loving globe. It’s none other than the 12-year-old rye from the legendary Bulleit. This release followed the immense success of Bulleit’s 95% rye mash bill, a whiskey revered for its unparalleled spiciness and complexity. The addition of a dozen-year-old iteration to their sturdy line-up marks another feather in the brand’s prestigious cap.

A Closer Look at the Bulleit Rye 12 Year Old

It’s clear from the start that this isn’t merely another rye whiskey in a charmingly vintage bottle. A 12-year maturation imparts a unique character that sets this offering apart from many of its market counterparts. Bulleit’s newest rye immediately sparks interest from aficionados due to its age statement — a detailed declaration that’s becoming increasingly rare in the market. To put it plainly, the Bulleit Rye 12 Year is something truly special.

Behind the Bottle

The Bulleit Rye 12 Year Old is the product of meticulous craftsmanship and classic Bulleit commitment to quality. The distillers aged this rye whisk(e)y in new, charred American oak barrels, allowing the spirit to draw deep caramel and vanilla notes from the wood, resulting in a full-bodied and naturally flavorful drink. An impressive 46% ABV (92 proof), its strength purveys a fiery edge but doesn’t overpower the drinker’s palate.

Cracking Open the Bottle

On the nose, Bulleit’s 12-year-old rye unfurls an inviting bouquet of sun-dried fruit aromas, enveloping the senses with hints of prune, raisin, and fig. Intermingle this with peppery spice and delicate undertones of toasted grain, and you’re left with an enticingly warm and comforting aroma, perfect for those colder evenings.

When it comes to the tasting, you’re introduced to a balance of sweet and spice. Expect a medley of caramel and vanilla tones swiftly followed by a punch of black pepper. The 12 years in the barrel has allowed for a persistent and steadfast rye bite, but it’s rounded off nicely with the smooth, fruity sweetness.

Price Point and Availability

Bulleit’s foray into the world of aged rye whisk(e)y does come with a slightly steeper price tag than its predecessor. Generally speaking, you’d be looking to part with around $50 for a bottle of this 12-year-old delight. In the world of whiskey, price is usually proportionate to quality, and Bulleit’s newest venture certainly upholds this theory.

Final Thoughts

The Bulleit Rye 12 Year Old is a distinctive yet respectful extension of the brand’s well-loved whisk(e)y lineup. If you appreciate the hearty spice of a rye whisk(e)y and savor a long, warm finish, then Bulleit has something special to offer for you. This is an adventurous whiskey well worth making some room on your shelf for. And if you’re a fan of the standard Bulleit Rye, you’ll find the 12 Year Old to be a familiar but enhanced and matured encounter. Proving again, that Bulleit isn’t just upping the ante, it’s defining it.

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Written by Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis has been writing about spirits for over 10 years. He is a frequent speaker at whiskey festivals and events around the country and has been a judge at several international spirit competitions. He is passionate about educating people about the history and culture of whiskey and bourbon and loves to share his knowledge with others.

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