Borderland Bourbon: Blanton’s SFTB – The Pure, Uncut, and Unfiltered Elixir

The Straight from the Barrel Series

If you’ve never had the chance to enjoy a glass of Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel bourbon, you’re missing out on a truly unique experience. This uncut, unfiltered, pure Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey packs a punch and offers a tasting adventure that is second to none.

The Story of Blanton’s SFTB

The man behind this incredible bourbon, Colonel Albert B. Blanton, began his journey in the whiskey industry at the tender age of 16. His penchant for producing high-quality bourbon led him to come up with the Straight From The Barrel (SFTB) series.

Blanton’s SFTB is not diluted with water. It comes straight from the barrel, making it a spicy, strong bourbon that will satisfy any bourbon lover’s palate. Its sharp flavor profile transports you straight into the heart of the distillery, with every sip a reminder of the mastery and skill that goes into making every single batch.

Unveiling the Taste Profile

Blanton’s SFTB is made at Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. This incredibly strong, full-bodied bourbon is typically bottled anywhere from 125 – 140 proof, providing a heady, fiery taste experience. While its strength may not be to everyone’s liking, bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate its unapologetic flavor and character.

The initial taste of Blanton’s SFTB is a mixture of sweet and robust flavors, with notes of dark chocolate and cherry. As it settles on your palate, a warming spice emerges, simultaneously comforting and exciting. Hints of caramel, toasted oak and vanilla echo through its finish.

The Packaging: A Feast for the Eyes

The spirit of Blanton’s SFTB is encapsulated not only in its bold flavors but also in its unique packaging. The iconic horse and jockey bottle stopper holds its own piece of history. There are eight different stopper designs, each depicting a different point in the horse’s stride. When collected in order, they form a full sequence of a horse race, highlighting the brand’s association with Kentucky’s rich thoroughbred history.

Chasing the Elusive Bottle

While Blanton’s SFTB offers a fantastic bourbon experience, acquiring a bottle is no easy task. Its limited release and high demand have made it somewhat of a treasure for bourbon lovers around the world. While it can be difficult to find in some areas, it’s a bourbon that’s worth the chase, for the reward is a sip of some of the most outstanding whiskey in the world.

Savoring the Experience: Blanton’s SFTB

Experiencing Blanton’s SFTB is about much more than just its powerful taste. It is about appreciating the expertise that went into its creation, admiring the elegance of its packaging, and savoring every complex, fiery, uncut and unfiltered sip. This is not just a bourbon but a piece of Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage, an experience that is not to be rushed but savored slowly and respectfully.

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Written by Emma Jones

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