Buffalo Trace Distillery Pushes Whiskey Exploration with Old Charter Oak: Spanish Oak

A New Chapter for Whiskey: Buffalo Trace’s Latest Adventure in the Old Charter Oak Series

There’s something captivating about coaxing exquisite flavors from some of nature’s most basic elements. Such is the challenge that Buffalo Trace Distillery has embraced with their Old Charter Oak series, and they’re not coming up short. Their latest venture into the realm of finely crafted whiskey, Spanish Oak, adds a touch of Mediterranean delight into the whiskey world.

A Historical Journey on the Whisky Trail

The Old Charter Oak series is more than a collection of high-quality spirits. It’s a journey into the deep, intricate relationship between oak and whiskey. The series has seen the distillery utilizing various uncommon types of oak from around the globe to create limited edition bourbon expressions. Each release comes with its unique oak-inspired flavor profile, showcasing how variations in climate, soil, and growth time can affect the flavors imparted to the whiskey from the barrel.

Adding the Spice of Life: Spanish Oak

Spanish oak, known for its rich flavors and unique characteristics, is the latest star in the Old Charter Oak series. The oak wood for this release was sourced from Northern Spain, a region known for its meticulous approach to forestry and the outstanding quality of its oak. It was allowed to air dry for three years before it was used to make the barrels for the Spanish Oak release.

Meticulous Craftsmanship to Achieve Unrivaled Quality

Moving beyond the usual suspects of American white oak, Buffalo Trace embarked on a whirlwind journey to find the perfect Spanish oak that could lend an unexpected spice to their whiskey. The hunt for the perfect oak wasn’t easy. An intense aging period of 10 years adds further complexity and flavor to this rich, hardy bourbon.

Maturity has Its Proofs

The Spanish Oak release is bottled at 92 proof, a testament to Buffalo Trace’s commitment to excellence and pushing the limits of distilling practices. After experiencing a taste of the Spanish Oak, it’s evident just how the natural spice and fruity undertones of the Spanish oak have enhanced the whiskey, imparting an enchanting palette of flavors.

A Symphony of Flavours

On the nose, the Spanish Oak bourbon greets you with a pleasant blend of sweet honey, floral notes and exotic fruits. The flavor journey continues on the palate with hints of ripe cherry, decadent chocolate and warm spices culminating in a complexity of flavors that evolve with every sip. The finish is long and satisfying, lingering with nuances of dark fruit and subtle spice, truly a rewarding treat for the taste buds.

The Sweet Conclusion

Buffalo Trace Distillery’s endeavor into experimenting with diverse types of oak in their Old Charter Oak series has resulted in one great expression after another. The Spanish Oak is no different. It’s a well-crafted bourbon, full of depth and complexity, that delivers a unique experience for whiskey connoisseurs. This constant push to explore and innovate, as evidenced in this exciting new venture, is a clear testament to the essence Buffalo Trace.

A Taste Surprise in Every Bottle

As the Buffalo Trace Distillery rides on with its experimentation in the use of different oak varieties, the anticipation only grows. The Spanish Oak expression is a bold move that has been tastefully and successfully delivered. With each bottle opened, the list of admirers of this distillery’s commitment to innovating and crafting high-quality whiskey expressions only builds.

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Written by Daniel Davis

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