Celebrate Bourbon and Blues at the 2023 Midway Festival with WUKY!

Celebrate Bourbon and Blues at the 2023 Midway Festival with WUKY!

Get Ready for a Weekend of Bourbon and Blues in Midway!


Are you ready to kick back and relax with some great music, delicious food, and world-class bourbon? If so, mark your calendars for June 10-11th, 2023, and head on over to the annual Bourbon & Blues Festival in Midway, Kentucky. Hosted by WUKY, the festival promises to be a weekend of pure entertainment, with something for everyone.

What to Expect

At the Midway Bourbon & Blues Festival, you can expect a wide variety of activities and events. Naturally, bourbon and blues are the main themes of the festival, so you can look forward to enjoying some of the finest Kentucky bourbon. With over 20 distilleries showing up, you can sample various bourbons and even learn more about the history and craft of bourbon-making.

In addition to the delicious bourbon, you can enjoy the awesome blues music. The festival brings together some of the best blues musicians from all over the country. Get ready to groove to the blues, tap your feet, and enjoy great vibes with friends and family.

Of course, the festival experience wouldn’t be complete without food. Luckily, some of the best local food vendors will be on hand to provide all the food and snacks you need to keep you fueled throughout the weekend. From southern-style BBQ to gourmet treats, there’s a wide variety of food available to appeal to all types of tastebuds.

Entertainment and Activities

The Bourbon & Blues Festival has much more than just great music, bourbon, and food. There are plenty of other entertainment and activities to keep you engaged throughout the weekend.

For instance, you can sample the latest innovations in outdoor gear at the Outdoor Adventure Expo. You can also enjoy a variety of other activities such as bourbon tastings, food contests, mixology sessions, and many more.

The festival also presents an opportunity to explore and learn about the history and cultural heritage of Midway, Kentucky. You can take a walking tour of the historic downtown area or visit local museums and art galleries.

Location and Tickets

The 2023 Bourbon & Blues Festival will be held in Midway, Kentucky. Midway is situated just a few miles outside of Lexington and is easily accessible by car from all over the state.

To get tickets to the festival, check out the WUKY website for information on ticket sales and prices. You can also stay up to date with the latest festival news by following WUKY on social media.


The 2023 Midway Bourbon & Blues Festival promises to be an amazing weekend of bourbon, blues, and fun activities. Whether you’re a bourbon lover, music enthusiast, or just someone looking for a great time, the festival has something to offer. So, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience some of the best entertainment that Kentucky has to offer!

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