Bulleit Rye Releases Exceptional 12-Year Blend

Bulleit Rye Releases Exceptional 12-Year Blend

The Classic Bulleit Rye Gets an Upgrade with the Launch of Their 12 Year Old Whiskey

Introducing the 12-Year-Old Bulleit Rye

Bulleit Rye has been a staple in the American whiskey industry for years. Known for its bold and spicy taste, it’s been a popular choice amongst whiskey lovers worldwide. But now, there’s something new for Bulleit Rye fans to get excited about – the 12-year-old Bulleit Rye.

For those who already love Bulleit Rye, the 12-year-old version promises to be more complex, richer, and smoother. The aging process for this new whiskey is what sets it apart from its classic counterpart. It’s aged for 12 years in charred American oak barrels, making it a much more refined version of Bulleit Rye.

What You Can Expect from the 12-Year-Old Bulleit Rye

The 12-year-old Bulleit Rye has a much deeper and darker color than its classic counterpart. It’s a rich copper color that speaks to its age and the aging process. On the nose, it has what you might expect from a rye whiskey – hints of spice and oak.

But upon sipping, it’s clear that this whiskey is different. It’s a much smoother version of Bulleit Rye. The rich and complex flavors have more depth and character than the classic version. You can taste a well-balanced combination of cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel, with a hint of smoke and char from the aging process.

The finish is a long and luxurious experience. It’s a warm and comfortable feeling that lingers on the palate. And despite being a high-proof whiskey, it’s not harsh or overwhelming – it’s the kind of whiskey you can enjoy sipping on all evening.

How to Enjoy the 12-Year-Old Bulleit Rye

This whiskey is versatile enough to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Those who like their whiskey neat or on the rocks will surely appreciate the smoothness of the 12-year-old Bulleit Rye. And those who enjoy a whiskey cocktail will appreciate the complexity and depth the whiskey brings to their drink.

One cocktail that works particularly well with the 12-year-old Bulleit Rye is the Old Fashioned. The rich and complex flavors of the whiskey complement the sweetness of the sugar and the zing of the bitters, creating a perfectly balanced drink.

The Bottom Line

For those who love rye whiskey, Bulleit Rye’s 12-year-old version will not disappoint. It’s a more complex, rich, and smooth whiskey that’s worth sipping on slowly and enjoying every sip. Whether you’re a fan of Bulleit Rye or not, the 12-year-old version is a whiskey worth trying. It’s an exquisite example of just how well American whiskey can be made.

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