Discover the Flavorful Art of Fat-Washed Bourbon: Unveiling This Culinary Technique – Garden & Gun

Discover the Flavorful Art of Fat-Washed Bourbon: Unveiling This Culinary Technique – Garden & Gun

Introduction to Fat-Washing

If you’re a true Southern food and drink enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of something called “fat-washed bourbon.” But what exactly is it? Does it mean dunking a pork belly into your favorite bourbon bottle? Not quite! The concept isn’t as health-adverse as it sounds. The fat-washing technique is a creative culinary process often employed by discerning mixologists to imprint spirituous libations with flavors you wouldn’t typically associate with traditional cocktails.

Evolution of The Fat-Washing Technique

For over a decade, the craft of fat-washing has been relished and advanced by enterprising bartenders. Around 2007, New York mixologist Don Lee pioneered the technique at the gem of a cocktail bar, PDT. What started as an eccentric experiment to infuse bourbon with the comfortingly familiar essence of bacon, quickly became a beacon for adventurous beverage artistry around the world.

Ingredients and Process

The science behind fat-washing is quite straightforward. The process starts with a fat base — which could be anything from butter, bacon, or coconut oil — and a spirit, such as whiskey, rum, or bourbon. The chosen fat is heated until it melts and releases its flavors. This liquid fat is then mixed with the spirit and left to infuse at room temperature. After ample time, the blend is chilled until the fat solidifies, allowing for its easy removal. The result: a spirit-forward drink with a unique depth of flavor.

Fat-Washed Bourbon – A Southern Delight

Bourbons, being slightly sweet by nature, complement the savoriness of fats extremely well. Hence, fat-washed bourbon has grown in popularity, especially in the South. Add some bacon-infused bourbon into your old-fashioned or mint julep, and it transforms into a rich cocktail with new layers of complexity.

The Garden & Gun Special

Speaking of bacon-infused bourbon, Garden & Gun’s bacon iteration has quite the fan following. The combination achieves a harmonious balance of sweetness from the bourbon, smokiness from the bacon, and a slight hint of salt – making it an excellent base for cocktails.

How to Make Your Own Fat-Washed Bourbon

Here’s the exciting part – you can easily make your own fat-washed bourbon at home! All you need is bacon (or your fat of choice), your favorite bourbon, and some time. Melt a few slices of bacon and pour the rendered fat and bourbon into a sealable container. Let it sit for about 4-6 hours at room temperature. Chill it, and once the fat is solid, skim it off. Use a coffee filter to get rid of any remaining solids, and voila! Your homemade fat-washed bourbon is ready for cocktail experiments.

Exploring Ahead

The beauty of fat-washing is its versatility and the endless possibilities it opens for flavor profiles. It’s not just exclusive to bourbon or bacon. Hazelnut oil washed cognac, sesame-infused rum, or even a duck fat washed rye could be your next favorite. So why not dive into this world of fat-washing and impress your guests with some extraordinary cocktails at your next soiree?

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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