Kentucky Distiller Marianne Eaves Launches Exquisite ‘Forbidden Bourbon

Kentucky Distiller Marianne Eaves Launches Exquisite ‘Forbidden Bourbon

Introducing the ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

We’ve all experienced the thrill of forbidden fruit. That irresistible allure that stems from wanting something we can’t, or perhaps shouldn’t, have. From the daring character of Eve in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden to the ageless adage of ‘rules are meant to be broken,’ the theme of the forbidden resonates within the human psyche. Now, master distiller Marianne Eaves is tapping into that human proclivity with the release of her latest creation – a bourbon aptly named ‘Forbidden Bourbon.’

Marianne Eaves – A Woman of Many Firsts

Marianne Eaves isn’t just another name in the world of bourbon. Quite conversely, she is an individual who seems to highly favor being different. Eaves has consistently blazed trails in an industry that has been in existence for several centuries. She was the first woman to be named Kentucky’s bourbon master distiller since the era of Prohibition. Later, she was the first to hold that title at the age of 28 proving that women have an equally rightful place in the world of spirits, just like men.

It is that same daring spirit that led her to develop what she calls a ‘bottle of history,’ – the ‘Forbidden Bourbon.’

The Allure of the ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

With a taste profile that presents a unique and tantalizing blend unlike anything previously encountered in a bourbon, ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ is set to challenge the traditional paradigms of this time-honored spirit. Eaves describes the ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ as being “rich in character, oozing with complexity and depth, imbued with flavors hibernating over the decades, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.”

Just as the name suggests, ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ was not supposed to exist. In true Eaves fashion, the bourbon is a product of audacious experimentation: an infusion of four distinct barrels, each aged between 12 and 17 years, yielded this unorthodox bourbon.

The Birth of ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

According to Eaves, back in 2005, a number of distillation experiments gone awry led to certain batches being declared unfit and banned for further use. Considered the ‘black sheep,’ these barrels were left forgotten in the deepest corners of the distillery houses. It was from these very barrels that Eaves had an “epiphany to create something extraordinary.”

With a curious spirit and a refinement of tastes acquired over years in the industry, Eaves started to blend seemingly contrasting flavors to unlock a delightfully complex bourbon taste. The maverick distiller painstakingly tasted every barrel and took precise notes about the unique flavors that each one presented.

After several rounds of tasting, note making, calculation, and re-calibration, the master distiller eventually narrowed down a concoction that blended a 17-year-old barrel with three 12-year-old barrels to create what is now known as the ‘Forbidden Bourbon.’ Eaves infused the different flavors into a blend that can be best described as phenomenally unique and daringly distinct.

Savoring the ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

The ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ promises to reward the eager palate with a spectrum of flavors not typically encountered in a single bourbon. As one delves into the tasting experience, vibrant notes of walnut, fudge, ripe berries and cherry blossoms initially present themselves.

Further exploration rewards with hints of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, and baking spices. The finish is one of toasted pecans, smoky oak, and dark chocolate. Each sip of this delightful bourbon feels like a discovery of new flavor notes that weren’t apparent before – which is exactly what Eaves had aimed to achieve.

In recent years, bourbon has seen a revival in its popularity, and the creation of ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ will undoubtedly add another feather to this revered spirit’s cap. In this unique bourbon, Eaves communicates an important message: marred beginnings don’t always result in flawed outcomes. Sometimes, they culminate in something truly extraordinary, something deliciously forbidden.


In the end, Eaves has indeed managed to capture the essence of the forbidden in a bottle, and it’s expected to leave bourbon enthusiasts, novice drinkers and veteran explorers equally enchanted and intrigued. After all, who wouldn’t want a taste of something forbidden?

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