Exploring the Extraordinary Journey of Horse Soldier Bourbon on The VinePair Podcast

Exploring the Extraordinary Journey of Horse Soldier Bourbon on The VinePair Podcast

A Toast to Unconventional Starts: The Colorful Journey of Horse Soldier Bourbon

It’s not every day that you come across a blend of bourbon that’s been built by war veterans and embarked on the journey from the arid hills of Afghanistan to the liquor cabinets in homes across America. Yet, that is precisely the case with the Horse Soldier Bourbon. From its unique origin story to its becoming a nationally acclaimed spirit, this is the story seldom heard but craved by all bourbon enthusiasts.

From Warriors to Spirit-Makers

The journey of the Horse Soldier Bourbon began with a group of U.S special force soldiers, famously known as ‘Horse Soldiers’ for their horse-mounted operations in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks. The team, composed of a motley crew of veterans, a CIA operative, and a few Green Berets, were united by not just their shared battle experiences but also their love for a good glass of bourbon.

It was from these shared experiences and bonds that the idea of Horse Soldier Bourbon was born. It was on a fateful night during their military deployment when Scott Neil, one of the Horse Soldiers, popped open a bottle of bourbon as a celebratory gesture. Not long after, under the Afghan stars, the idea of owning a distillery was shared among the group.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

After surviving the harrowing battles in Afghanistan, these veterans returned home to the U.S., where the dream of starting a distillery started to take shape. The group began their foray into the bourbon-making business by learning the craft from some of the best Master Distillers in the country. They then raised funds, secured a distillery in Columbus, Ohio, and initiated the process of creating their very own spirit – the Horse Soldier Bourbon.

Creation of the Spirit

Meticulously crafted using artisan, hand-blown glass molded with pieces of steel from the World Trade Center, the appearance of Horse Soldier Bourbon is as fascinating as its mellow-tasting notes. The focus was on creating a well-balanced bourbon, a spirit that combined a smooth, rich palate with a hint of sweetness – a character trait synonymous with traditional American bourbon.

Recognition and Beyond

The Horse Soldier Bourbon quickly emerged as an extraordinarily well-crafted spirit. The bourbon was lauded for its taste, story, and the values its creators stood for. Soon, it started making waves in the spirits industry and garnered accolades at several spirits competitions.

However, the journey for these once warriors turned spirit-makers did not stop there. Having established their bourbon in the market, they started sharing their unique story at various public platforms, including VinePair’s celebrated podcast. Their exceptional tale of camaraderie, shared adversity, and passion for bourbon intrigued audiences round the globe.

A Symbol of Resilience and Finesse

Today, the Horse Soldier Bourbon stands as a testament to the resilience, courage, and innovation of its creators. More than just an acclaimed spirit, it is a symbol of triumph and finesse, a toast to a group of valiant soldiers who dared to chase their entrepreneurial dreams despite the odds.

And what began as casual conversations in the treacherous warren of Afghan hills, now pours into glasses of Americans nationwide, spreading warmth, spurring connections, and creating memories that resonate the story of the legendary Horse Soldiers. So, the next time you uncork a bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon, remember, you’re not just enjoying a high-quality spirit, you are also honoring a legacy of bravery, partnership, and resilience.

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Written by Olivia Taylor

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