Co-Hosts of ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ Podcast Launch Captivating Bourbon Experience

Co-Hosts of ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ Podcast Launch Captivating Bourbon Experience

A New Chapter for ‘Bourbon Pursuit’

If you’re a fan of ‘Bourbon Pursuit’, the popular podcast that’s been thrilling whiskey enthusiasts for years, then you’d be aware of the charismatic co-host duo, Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil. Well, we have some good news for you! These spirited gentlemen are on to open a Bourbon experience that’s going to be a game-changer in the world of whiskey tourism. Given their vast knowledge and sheer love for all things bourbon, it’s safe to expect a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience.

The Vision Behind The Venture

From the beginning, Coleman and Cecil’s major goal was to promote and share the love of bourbon with people who share the same passion. Throughout the evolution of the ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ podcast, it became clear that they needed to create a tangible space where listeners and bourbon enthusiasts could see, taste, and feel the nuances and history of bourbon. Their vision goes beyond mere whiskey tasting; they want to create a place where the community can gather, learn, and celebrate this treasured spirit.

Who Is Behind Bourbon Pursuit?

Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil are the delightful duo behind the ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ podcast. Their shared enthusiasm for bourbon led them to start the podcast in 2015, where they delve deep into different aspects of the whiskey world through guest speakers, distillers, industry insiders, and whiskey veterans. Today, the podcast has a substantial audience with bourbon aficionados tuning in globally.

The Bourbon Experience: What To Expect?

From what we understand, the Bourbon Experience won’t be your typical tour-and-taste setup. The duo plans to design the space into an interactive, engaging bourbon hub. They aim to provide an immersive journey through the history, heritage, and sensory delights of bourbon.

Guests can expect to walk through American bourbon history, understand the craft and dedication that goes into each bottle, and, notably, a curated tasting from an extensive selection of bourbons. But that’s not all! Visitors will have the unique opportunity to create custom bourbon blends under the guidance of the ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ experts, bringing home a truly personalized bottle.

Putting A Spin on Bourbon Tourism

This venture is predicted to attract bourbon enthusiasts from around the globe. Indeed, Coleman and Cecil are not merely opening a Bourbon Experience. They seem to be starting what could be a new chapter in bourbon tourism. Their focus is on sharing knowledge, fostering community, and, of course, savoring the quintessential American spirit.

The Bourbon Pursuit Community

The ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ podcast has fostered a community of listeners who eagerly tune in for engaging episodes, insider insights, and friendly banter. This space will not only bring like-minded individuals together but also deepen their knowledge and understanding of bourbon. Some plans for this community space include distillery events, interactive seminars, blending sessions, and exclusive ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ style tastings. The co-hosts are excited to meet their podcast fans in person and further build this tight-knit bourbon community.

Final Thought

The bourbon world is bubbling with anticipation for this unique bourbon-centric space. With a forward-thinking approach to the traditional distillery tour and a robust community waiting to experience the best of bourbon, this venture by the ‘Bourbon Pursuit’ co-hosts is a promising evolution within the industry. Their shared passion and commitment to bourbon will no doubt translate into an experience nothing short of unforgettable.

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