How Borderland Bourbon by Maker’s Mark Aims to Elevate Taste and Quality

How Borderland Bourbon by Maker’s Mark Aims to Elevate Taste and Quality

A New Taste in Town: The Maker’s Mark Borderland Bourbon

Introducing the Borderland Bourbon

Bourbon is commonplace in El Paso, and there is no denying that its popularity is sky-high among drinkers. It overflows in bars, supermarkets, restaurants, and pick-up trucks. Due to its fame, established brands and regional heroes dominate the market. But every once in a while, a new bourbon bursts into the scene, claiming a spot among the greats. And that is precisely what Maker’s Mark Borderland Bourbon is doing.

Maker’s Mark, a reputable brand from Louisville, Kentucky, is making its way into the El Paso market with its latest addition, the Borderland Bourbon. Unlike traditional bourbons, the Borderland Bourbon has a twist. The makers’ experiment in aging the bourbon caused a change in the finishing process, which produced a smokier taste, setting it apart from the rest.

The Makers’ Experiment

One of the things that set Maker’s Mark apart from its competitors is its consistency in the final product by following tradition since it started. The process of making the Borderland Bourbon, on the other hand, involved taking a risk. After mixing a unique blend of grains, the bourbon is aged for nine and a half years. Then it is transferred to barrels shipped from France and Vermont to be finished. The French oak staves and staves from Vermont white oak are seasoned and charred, which results in a combination of flavors that give the bourbon its unique taste.

While Maker’s Mark started with experimenting on a few barrels of bourbon, the rave reviews from their seasoned taste testers created a demand, leading them to produce the latest edition of their bourbon.

Good Taste to Tastes Good

“Borders never separate great tastes.” The tagline of the Borderland Bourbon elicits a not-so-simple message. It means that despite the differences in borders and traditions, people can agree upon a great tasting bourbon. Maker’s Mark has been making high-quality bourbon for over 60 years, and the Borderland Bourbon strengthens their brand’s reputation.

The Borderland Bourbon’s unique blend of smoky and woody flavor is a perfect addition to their well-crafted bourbon. It brings a new level of complexity, which balances with its boldness and smoothness. Never losing sight of their brand, Maker’s Mark “bring good taste to tastes good.”

A Must-Try Bourbon

It is hard to pass up a chance to try the latest edition of Maker’s Mark Borderland Bourbon. The fusion of the traditional and the new is a statement to their brand’s commitment to quality bourbon. With the combination of smoky and woody notes from its finishing process, it gives you a taste that begs you to explore its depth. It may have been a risk for the Maker’s Mark brand, but the end result truly speaks for itself: a unique and noteworthy bourbon.

So grab a bottle of Maker’s Mark Borderland Bourbon and see for yourself why it is a must-try. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience their exceptional bourbon.

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Written by Dustin Gandoff

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