Introducing the Finest Bourbon Selection: Heaven’s Door, Old Forester, Maker’s, and More – Courier Journal August 2023

Introducing the Finest Bourbon Selection: Heaven’s Door, Old Forester, Maker’s, and More – Courier Journal August 2023

August 2023’s Stellar Lineup of New Bourbon Releases

The bourbon industry is booming, and distilleries are regularly releasing new and exciting expressions that capture the imagination of whiskey enthusiasts worldwide. In August 2023, some high-profile players – Heaven’s Door, Old Forester, and Maker’s Mark – have stepped up to the tasting table with releases that exemplify the finest elements of bourbon production. Let’s dive into the details of these delicious drams that are creating quite the buzz within the bourbon community.

Heaven’s Door: The Celestial Spirit

Heaven’s Door Whiskeys, established in partnership with legendary folk-rock artist Bob Dylan, has always been a standard-bearer when it comes to blending high-quality grains with unique maturation methods. Their August 2023 release is no exception.

A New Expression to Savor

This expression is a straight bourbon whiskey highlighting a bold blend of corn, rye, and malted barley. The result is a flavorful balance that ranges from sweet caramel and vanilla undertones to a spicy, peppery finish. The bourbon is aged for seven years in charred American white oak barrels, imparting a richness to every sip.

Artistic Grace

In addition to the whiskey’s luscious taste profile, Heaven’s Door’s 2023 release also carries a nod to Dylan’s artistic grace. The customized, artist-designed gate motif on the bottle remains a distinctive feature, making this particular release a must-have for collectors and Dylan fans alike.

Old Forester: Tradition Meets Innovation

Next in line is Old Forester, a household name in American whiskey, cherished for maintaining high standards of production throughout its rich history. The distillery’s August 2023 release honors the bourbon-making tradition while introducing a fresh, contemporary interpretation.

A Classic Reimagined

The new Old Forester bourbon release is a stunning single barrel expression, hand-selected to highlight the distillery’s one-of-a-kind flavor profile. Expectedly, every bottle is filled with lively notes of dark chocolate, bold spices, and a hint of fruit, all rounded out by the hallmark smoothness of Old Forester spirits.

A Toast to Consistency

This 2023 offering is, as usual, bottled at barrel strength, putting the distiller’s craft on full display, and providing a joyful exploration of complex flavors for fans of this legendary brand. The experience is made even more special by the limited availability, underscoring Old Forester’s commitment to providing consistently memorable, quality bourbons.

Maker’s Mark: Crafting Excellence

Last but certainly not least, is Maker’s Mark, a major influencer in the bourbon landscape, revered for its smooth, full-bodied, and flavorful expressions.

Special Release

The Maker’s Mark August 2023 release, produced in limited quantities, is a gorgeous cask strength bourbon. The richness of its vanilla and toffee notes, balanced by a soft spice undertone created through the interaction between the spirit and the charred oak barrel, leaves a lingering finish that is satisfying and complex.

Celebrating the Craft

In a testament to Maker’s Mark’s enduring commitment to its craft and tradition, this new release is a celebration of the master distiller’s expertise. The bottle carries their signature wax seal, adding an artful touch to the bourbon inside, which is as visually appealing as it is flavorful.

August 2023: A Bourbon Lover’s Paradise

August 2023 promises a veritable treat for bourbon aficionados, with offerings from Heaven’s Door, Old Forester, and Maker’s Mark. Each distillery brings its own magic to the table, reminding us once again why bourbon is such a beloved spirit worldwide. So, whether you’re a serious collector or simply someone who appreciates a good glass of bourbon, be sure to watch out for these exciting releases.

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  1. I am a bourbon enthusiast and I must say, the Courier Journal has truly outdone themselves with this collection! From Heaven’s Door to Maker’s, they’ve curated the finest selection of world-renowned bourbons. I can’t wait to satisfy my cravings and indulge in the smoothest and most flavorful experience this August. Trusting the Courier Journal for my bourbon fix is an easy choice!

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