New ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ from Marianne Eaves, Kentucky Distiller – WDRB

New ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ from Marianne Eaves, Kentucky Distiller – WDRB

Introduction to Marianne Eaves

In the revered halls of the bourbon industry, Marianne Eaves has crafted a name for herself as an exceptional talent. Coming from a state celebrated for its bourbon, Eaves is a game-changer who doesn’t just uphold Kentucky’s bourbon tradition but continuously redefines it. Making history as the first female Master Distiller in Kentucky since the Prohibition Era, her meteoric rise in the previously male-dominated industry has been anything but ordinary.

The Arrival of ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

Recently, there has been exciting news in the world of spirits as Marianne introduced a new bourbon that has enthusiasts buzzing: ‘Forbidden Bourbon’. This innovative spirit symbolizes not just a step forward in her career, but also a demonstration of her distinct crafting skills and her continuous boundary-pushing approach.

The Inspiration behind ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

Marianne’s inspiration behind ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ comes from an intriguing history of a bourbon narrative that was nearly forgotten. The term ‘forbidden’ is associated with a lesser-known collection of Kentucky spirits, known as the ‘forbidden bourbons’. Shrouded in mystery, these bourbons were allegedly produced during the Prohibition era using inconspicuous techniques. Often, they were crafted in secret distilleries across the Bluegrass state, hidden away in Kentucky’s hills, thus earning their ‘forbidden’ label.

Crafting the ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

Dedicated to creating bourbon that honors this shrouded history, Marianne has emulated the unique difficulties that distillers of the Prohibition era would have faced. She has also embraced the use of modern technology to infuse traditional methods with newfound innovation. This fusion of old and new provides ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ with its captivating essence and unrivaled taste.

Bourbon with a Backstory

Given the historical significance behind ‘Forbidden Bourbon’, each bottle holds a bit of mystery within its amber-toned liquid. Not only does each sip tantalize the tastebuds with notes of caramel, oak, and just a hint of spice, but it also invites one on a journey back through time, to an era of secrecy, resilience, and rebellion.

The Distinct Taste of ‘Forbidden Bourbon’

Marianne Eaves has always been celebrated for her ingenuity and unique taste profiles in all of her whiskey ventures. ‘Forbidden Bourbon’ is no different. It is a full-bodied bourbon with generous hints of toffee and dried fruit on the nose, leading to an alluring mix of sweet and rough on the palate. The finish is subtly spicy and complex, paying tribute to the robust flavors of traditional Kentucky bourbon.

‘Forbidden Bourbon’: The Next Generation of Spirits

‘Forbidden Bourbon’ is not just about reliving the past. It also echoes Marianne’s ethos of forging ahead into new territories, making it a representation of the future of bourbon. With the release of ‘Forbidden Bourbon’, Marianne Eaves is truly ushering in a new era, pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling, and paving the way for the next generation of spirits.


Bourbon enthusiasts around the world, prepare your glasses. With ‘Forbidden Bourbon’, Marianne Eaves is not just providing a new libation to be savored, she’s offering an experience – a toast to the past, a celebration of the present, and a nod towards the future of bourbon. The return of Kentucky’s forbidden bourbons is a significant milestone, and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Marianne Eaves in this captivating journey through intrigue and history.

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