Peerless’ Journey to Crafting Their First Bourbon in a Century

Peerless’ Journey to Crafting Their First Bourbon in a Century

The Rise and Fall of Peerless Distilling Co.

From Kentucky’s Finest to Bankruptcy

The history of Peerless Distilling Co. dates back to the early 1880s when Henry Kraver established the company in Henderson, Kentucky. Peerless became synonymous with the production of high-quality bourbon whiskey, earning several accolades and recognition for their excellent products.

However, the distillery went bankrupt in 1917, and that was the end of Peerless Distilling Co. until the brand’s resurrection in 2015. Corky Taylor, the great-grandson of Kraver, along with his son, Carson, took the path of most resistance to bring Peerless back to life.

The Path of Most Resistance

Peerless’ resurrection wasn’t an easy decision for the Taylors. It took a lot of research, contemplation, and a deep love for their family heritage to make such a bold move.

One of the primary reasons for bringing back Peerless was the desire to create a legacy. The Taylors wanted to honor their family history of producing some of the finest bourbon whiskey in Kentucky. They believed that resurrecting Peerless would help them achieve that.

However, the decision to bring back Peerless wasn’t just about legacy; it was also about breaking new ground. The Taylors had a vision of producing the first bourbon whiskey in a century using a unique and innovative approach.

The Innovative Approach

The Taylors’ innovative approach involved the use of sweet mash fermentation, which was a deviation from the traditional sour mash fermentation process used by most distillers in Kentucky.

Sweet mash fermentation involves starting a new mash for each batch of bourbon. This approach allows the distiller to have complete control over the fermentation process, resulting in a unique flavor profile for each batch of Peerless bourbon.

Also, the Taylors chose to use a copper pot still instead of a column still, which is the norm in most distilleries. The copper pot still, combined with the sweet mash fermentation process, gives Peerless’ bourbon a distinct flavor that sets it apart from the rest.

Peerless’ Return to Prominence

Peerless’ return has been nothing short of phenomenal. The brand has won several awards and recognition for their excellent products, including being named the “Top Craft Whiskey Distillery in the United States” by USA Today.

However, Peerless’ success hasn’t come easy. The Taylors had to overcome several challenges, including acquiring a new distillery location, building a new distillery from scratch, and obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses.

Nevertheless, the Taylors’ hard work and determination have paid off, and Peerless has become a prominent name in the world of bourbon whiskey once again.


Peerless’ resurrection is a story of perseverance, determination, and innovation. The Taylors took the path of most resistance by using a unique approach to produce their bourbon whiskey, and it paid off in the end.

Peerless’ return to prominence has been an inspiration to many, and it serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. The Taylors have proven that with hard work, dedication, and a bit of innovation, anything is possible.

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